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I went to Aveda today for a hair consultation and to test out their makeup.  Unfortunately, yep, my skin is super-itchy and red now.  They said that even though it's "natural", it's not hypo-allergenic because there are perfumes and stuff in it.  So...  I'm not sure what to do now.  I am still getting my hair done there.  Should I take them my Clinique and have them apply that, go somehwere else (time issue) or find someone to come to me?  Anyone have recommendations? 
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Re: Makeup artist recommendation - West Houston/Katy

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    If you wear Clinique, you can schedule an appt at a Clinque counter to have your makeup done. I've seen them do really good bridal makeup.

    Also, have you looked at airbrush makeup? It is a little pricey, but lasts a long time and maybe it wouldn't bother your skin as much.

    Good luck :-)
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    I recommend Empire Faces, they go on-location and I just did my trial with them. They do airbrush makeup & hair...turned out gorgeous. (Also do lashes there too.) They are super nice and pricing is very reasonable if you have a group too.
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    Do you have pictures to share from your trial (sarahinlove24)? My trial was horrible with Empire Faces - I would recommend going to a salon to get a trial - if you can come to Houston - Beautique does a fabulous job.  I iniitally wanted someone to come on location to do my hair/makeup as well as my bridesmaids, but in the end, I was much happier going into the salon - the wedding day is extremly chaotic and the last thing you want to deal with is a housefull of hair/makeup artists and bridesmaids everywhere.  If you really want on-location, I have heard fabulous reviews from The Perfect Face (more expensive than Empire Faces, but WORTH IT). 

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