How to say No!

I am a people pleaser and I find it hard to say "No".  So when I run into old friends, or people who I don't see as often anymore, but was once close to, and they throw "I better be invited to the wedding" at me, how do I say "No" instead of "of course, text me your address" lol.


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    I said something like, "we'll have to see. It's not that we wouldn't love to have you there but we are having a small wedding & can only invite so many people. And of course family comes first"

    Or you can say "We're still working on guest lists"

    IIt's tricky. But hang in their. I think it's rude when people ask that question to begin with.
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    I always just say something like "I don't know we are having a small wedding and FI has so many people in his family" lol yes I blame on in the FI and then change the topic to something random.
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    I just told my guests...yea sure!  But when it came down to it, I didn't bother with them. Pfttt...I still get ppl asking why they weren't invited to my wedding and I respond politely and with a smile: "Oh it must have gotten lost in the mail.  How bizarre, because the invitation to your wedding must have gotten lost, just as well.  Gosh darn post office!"
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    Nanners answer is perfect!

    I think it is rude that people ask as well. People just don't get how expensive it is to have a wedding.
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    Wow Im so glad to see this post and these reponses. I was just speaking of this today. Everyone from my grad school classmates (that I dont even really talk to) to middle school friends are saying they will be waiting on their invitation. I really want to respond well you will just be waiting but I say I will see eventhough I know Im not inviting them. It is just rude OMG! I feel so on the spot and akward when they ask. One person has said well if you have room for us or can fit us in your numbers we would love to come (recent bride). Thats more appropriate
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    Hmmm it is very awkward being put on the spot like that but you have to bite the bullet and let them know.  Use anyone of the following reasons:

    1.  The venue can only hold so many people and I have tons of family....I hope you understand.

    2. Oh we are having a small intimate ceremony with close family. 

    Or just tell them sure I will get your info later.  Since you haven't seen them in a while and you just ran into them you most likely won't see them again.  Most people only say, "I better be invited...." just to make conversation anyways.  I wouldn't stress out over it.
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    "we're still working on the guest list" then "have you tried the bean dip?"

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