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Drapping tulle down the aisle... is this rude?

Help! I've officially hit the first disagreement with my future mother-in-law. I was planning to use tulle down the aisle drapping it from the back of the aisle up to the front, leaving the first few pews open. I thought I could put the aisle runner down with roses and flowers which would sort of block off guests from entering the pews from the center of the aisle. So they would be ushered in through the sides. I attached a picture of what I was thinking... keeping in mind our ceremony will be held at a church. Also note - family would be ushered down the center of the aisle and seated in the front few pews without the tulle on the sides.

So anyways.... I just received a call from my futher mother-in-law saying she thought "it was rude to herd people down the side of the pews as if they're 'not good enough' to walk down the center". And that she "very strongly" disagrees with me using the tulle like that and she would never make her friends do that and she's never seen it done at a wedding before.

I NEVER thought it was a rude jester, and was more so going for the grand look of walking into the church and seeing the complete picture of everything. I thought it would be elegant and make walking down the aisle a little more special. Am I wrong here? Should I not use the tulle like that?

Re: Drapping tulle down the aisle... is this rude?

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I see it all the time.
  • I don't think it's rude, either.  If the aisle runner is already down the aisle with the rose petals, I wouldn't want all of the guests walking on it either.  What does your FI think? 

    P.S. Make sure you check with your church about the petals on the floor.  I know more than a few churches (mine included) that do not allow throwing petals, etc. 
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  • I think it looks very pretty and wouldn't think twice about being ushered in from the other side, like you had planned. Is she paying for the wedding? If so, she may have the final say.
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  • How long are the pews?  If they are long, some people will have a hard time walking sideways for a long time.  I'm not sure that it's rude but I have a couple of thoughts.

    A) Walking down the aisle is going to be plenty special, even if every single person there beat you down it.  I promise.

    B) What if the tulle was draped just pew to pew so the ushers could walk out behind the recessional and unhook each one kinda "releasing" the guests so people can exit from both sides?  I can see where it might feel wierd (and maybe a little rude) to be usherd out the "back way" after the event.
  • I don't think its rude.  I am pretty certain that people don't walk down the center aisle.  Many people have decorations in the church so people don't walk down the center aisle!
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  • It's not rude. We did it (used fabric) and was so not a big deal. Looks beautiful too!
  • I'm happy to hear you all don't think its rude either! I thought it was a gorgeous look and was pretty bummed when she said that. My FI agrees with me but didn't stand up to his mom about it. He's going to call and talk to her about it again though and try and explain what our thought process is behind the look. Ceh789 - I should have been a little clearer, I actually meant it will make walking down the aisle a little more special for our family members. I have no doubts my walk will be special :)
  • I don't think I've been to a wedding that *didn't* have tulle or something else draped down the aisle. I thought it was pretty standard that guests only use the sides to enter the pews/rows of chairs.
  • I am doing this exact same thing. My ushers will walk the guests down the side aisles and leave the main aisle for myself and wedding party.
  • I don't think it's rude either. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a wedding that didn't have the center aisle roped off in some fashion. Most of the time it's to protect the aisle runner, but I've also seen it done without an aisle runner. This helps to make sure that guests don't try to get into the aisle to take a pic of you on your way down the aisle or even during the ceremony. It's not herding cattle, it's crowd control. We're doing the same.
  • Most people know NOT to step on the aisle so they usually go in through the sides.  So no, I do not think it is rude.

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  • Your pic was also my inspiration to do this as well. Definitely not rude.

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  • I can't remember being at a wedding that has done this, but I don't think it's rude as long as it's still easy for people to get to their seats.
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  • I can't remember the last wedding I was at that did seat people down the center aisle.  in my world, the center aisle is reserved for the VIPs and bridal party.
  • After you spend the money and put the work into making the center aisle beautiful and special, you aren't going to want people walking over it and ruining your efforts! Tulle on the pews in classy and timeless. No one will think twice about it! 
  • I am using that exact same pic as my inspiration for my ceremony lol
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