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Cruise Ship Wedding

It'll be be my second wedding, his first. I really want it to be special for both of us, but hassle free. We're Colorado residents, and we still have common-law marriage here, as well as the ability to have a legal marriage certificate without an officiant or witnesses and he is a commercial airline pilot, so we can pretty much go anywhere, anytime, and be married. 
I'd really like to elope, or have a little simple ceremony and jet off somewhere.
Last night he brought up the idea of going on a cruise and getting married onboard. I think it sounds kind of cool, and because it's on the ship, there's not so many details to consider- they'll do it. However, I've never been on a cruise and I don't know what'd be like...And I wonder if we'd be forced into a one-size-fits-all ceremony, non-denominational officiant, unity candles, etc. My main concern is the photography...I really care more about having great pictures than anything else.
Has anyone ever seen one of these weddings? Any thoughts? Advice?
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