Sunny 16 photography?

I stumbled on this website and I really like his work and prices (cheaper than anyone else I like). I'm meeting Sam tomorrow at my venue. After the bad experience with Nico photography, I want someone who is reliable, etc...

Has anyone heard of him or anything? Advice? TIA!

Re: Sunny 16 photography?

  • kerri85kerri85 member
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    I can't help with info, but wanted to wish you good luck with the meeting.  Hope you get a good feel about him.
  • kring5kring5 member
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    can you let me know about your exprience with Sunny 16?  I have a bride that I am currently planning a wedding for and she is interested in using them as well.  I would love to find out how oher brides felt about them before I get in contact with them!

    K Ring
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