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ceremony logistics

Hello! I just spent a weekend looking at venues for my May 2011 wedding!

One issue/concern with a place I fell in love with is that they do not execute the ceremony. She said that some people use a family member or friend, but I have no idea who that would be for my wedding. I hate to hire a day of coordinator for just the ceremony... has anyone been in this predictiment? What have you done?

Thank you for any help!
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Re: ceremony logistics

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    I've heard a lot of knotties swapping DOC duties with another knottie on their local board.  Maybe that would be an option for you?
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    I would just mention it to a couple of friends, someone might even volunteer for you.  I offered to DOC for a couple of friends who are having DIY heavy weddings.  If not, you can probably hire someone, maybe a friend of a friend or someone off Craigslist, to do it for cheap.
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    My sister and I DOCed for a close friend of ours.  So she's probably going to DOC for ours.  She's already keeping me sane. Smile

    Otherwise, my mom suggested my godmother to DOC, because she and I are similar in our organization tactics.  And she makes things happen.
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