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Ceremony/ Reception Set up HELP!!!

My issues is I have the perfect place to have my event.  I found a nice B&B for an October outdoor wedding!  My issue is the set up.  I have to rent my own tables and chairs.  The chairs are the concern.  The reception area will clearly be seen from the cermony area; they will be no more than 10 to 15 feet apart if that far.  Mind you this is a backyard of a B&B.  I either rent 2 sets of chairs for both set ups or I set up the ceremony area with the chairs and tell guests to take their chairs with them once the ceremony is over to the reception area to a table they will like to sit.  I will not have assigned tables so it's sit where you want.

Outside from the chair issue, since it's nothing but grass do I have to rent a dance floor?  I don't want to because grass can be danced on as well and guests already know the wedding is outside in a backyard!

Also note that should it rain, our Plan B is to have a tent set up probably with a floor!  The weather in NC for October 1st is still warm with no rain.


Re: Ceremony/ Reception Set up HELP!!!

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    msktn95msktn95 member
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    One option you have is to have the guest standing during the wedding.  If the ceremony is not long. You can also ask the B&B to move the chairs for you after the wedding.  I am sure they would not mind.  Tent prices can cost, If you decide to go with a tent I would use it, rather rain or shine. 

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    Why not just have the guest sit at the tables for the ceremony? I think its a little rude to expect guest to carry their chair from the ceremony location to the reception location, even if its only across the yard.

    I would suggest you rent a dance floor if you expect people to dance and do so safely. Even a nice yard can be uneven and you would hate for a guest or you or your DH to turn an ankle and get hurt.
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    ajecatlajecatl member
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    I agree with PP about having the guests sit at the tables for the ceremony. Standing is not a very good option in my book and I wouldn't want to have to carry my own chair around with me. Additionally, you do need to rent a dance floor so no one injures themselves.
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    My cousin just got married and the chairs had to be moved from the ceremony to the reception area. While the couple was in the recieving line several of us family members grabbed some chairs and put them by the tables. Most of the guests were in the recieving line and then in line to sign the guest book so it was not a big deal. It was also a casual wedding so nobody minded moving the chairs.
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    Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    Keep the same chairs ... perhaps hire a couple of high school kids to move them immediately following the ceremony.  Rent a dance floor -- grass can be a pain. 

    Also, you may want to XP this on the Outdoor Weddings board for additional tips.  Good luck!
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