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So many little girls, not enough places for them!

Between my fiance and I we have five neices!  They are ranging in the ages from three to six.  I dont know what to do with all of them.  I want to use a few of them in the wedding but I know that if I don't find a way to use all of them there will be broken hearts and sad little girls.  Three are from his family and two are from mine. As crazy as it sounds, I was thinking having the three youngest girls as flower girls with the one youngest from my family in the middle with the basket of flowers and the two youngest from his family on each of her sides actually dropping the petals.  However, the two older ones would have to be junior bridesmaids or nothing.  Help! I can't stand to not put them all in but I can't not use some of them!

Re: So many little girls, not enough places for them!

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    I am just having my goddaughter (who is 1 of many of my little cousins) as my flower girl and the other kids, boys and girls, will be handing out the programs and birdseed at the ceremony.  And I will be getting the little flowers for their hair and carnation bouts for the boys.  

    Maybe you can find something like that for them to do - small, but still making them a part of it! 
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    Kids that age aren't going to even know that there's a possibility that they COULD be in the wedding unless someone tells them. 

    Just don't have child attendants.  I think the headache and unpredictability more than cancels out the potential cute factor, which is all they're there for.
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    I ran into the same problem. I have 3 nieces, a younger sister who is 7, a 10 yr old brother, and 1 nephew... and my fiance has 3 nephews. We didn't know how to include all of them without it being a circus, or some of them without breaking hearts. So we decided to go with just my sister and my brother, that way no one can be offended. 2 of my nieces are only 1 1/2 so they have no idea whats going on. But my other niece and nephew who are 7 and 9, we're gonna have them pass out programs at the ceremony or something along those line to include them somehow.
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    I wouldn't worry about it until your "FI" is actually divorced and you can start thinking about getting married.
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