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Do I Need Decorations?

I'm having my wedding at a very beautiful outdoor garden. I was thinking about not having any ceremony decorations to save on budget, and so the beauty of the gardens would stand out more.

Is this acceptable, or would this be very tacky?

If this is unacceptable, what sort of decorations should be used- especially in a location where there will by many varieties of flowers? We are having roses as the main flower for the ceremony (carnations for the Reception). Would we use roses?
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Re: Do I Need Decorations?

  • My SSIL got married in a backyard garden, she just got one of those white arches from the craft store and attached a few flowers.  I got married in front of some windows with a killer view, so we didn't do any further decoration of the ceremony area.

    Some people like having something to delineate the ceremony space, but it's perfectly fine not to.  If you're having any sort of altar or table, you could put a couple of arrangements on that and call it a day.
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  • It depends on what the space looks like. Can't really say without seeing a photo.
  • My DD had an outdoor wedding at a golf country club.  She had a white arch decorated with a floral swag in her colors (provided by the venue). 

    Beyond that~I thought she had the most perfect decorations possible:  brilliant green grass, blooming trees and mountains in the background. 

    Why tamper with perfection when you have MOther Nature already providing your ceremony decor?  =)
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  • I am also getting married in a beautiful outdoor space and don't feel the need to ruin the scenery with decorations. Personally, I think decorations could make it tacky, not the othe way around. We will have rose petals up the "aisle" and possibly some sashes on the back of each chair.
  • besides some flowers i'm not having extra decorations at my church ceremony or inn reception. i found the church and venue beautiful as they are. my venue has huge windows that overlook a ravine. i don't find it tacky at all. i'd rather spend that money elsewhere.
  • The chapel I'm using has so many decoration rules that I'm just not dealing with it.  I like my reception site the way it is, don't see any need to decorate it.  I see no reason to think that it would be tacky to no decorate a garden.  If any one is rude enough to say something tell them God was in charge decorating the site.  That will shut them up.
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  • My first wedding was outside. We had a chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) for tradition reasons, but I also thought it looked pretty and provided a kind of centerpoint. It was decorated with flowers (mostly hydrangea and curly willow). Besides that, all we did was flower petals on the aisle.  
  • You never need decorations, regardless of where you are married.  If you like them and can afford them, fine, but otherwise just do without.
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