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Small wedding ideas??

I'm newly engaged and my fiance and I are wanting a very small wedding.  We've talked about doing a beach wedding or a cruise.  Anyone have any additional ideas? 

Re: Small wedding ideas??

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    We really talked about a destination wedding or a cruise but opted out of it.  The cost would be just as much in the end and we still wanted our friends and families to attend.  We knew they wouldn't be able to all come.    We instead are getting married (ceremony and reception) at a manor in Long Island.  We are having about 55 people and we are happy with the cost and the size. 

    With a small wedding it seems as though you don't have to worry about so many of those little details that some of the big weddings have.  Im still having a DJ but no MC so we are paying less.  Because we are having a small wedding we actually got a great price on our venue.  They are not going to nickel and dime us!  Do a lot of DIY projects like invitations and so on.  It will def be fun.  I plan on doing that with the flower girl basket and so on. 

    Have fun!  Do research and have a plan B if you are doing the beach wedding.
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    I am getting married in TN. For us, this is a destination wedding. I was married for a year back in 1997. It didnt have a happy ending... But speed ahead, have a wonderful man, my soul mate through and through. We are getting married in an English rose garden called Rosewood Gardens in TN. It is beautiful. I am only having 25 people total, including the two of us. I am having my Bryon follow the Minister, then having my two sons Alex and Landen all come down at a certain part of Josh Grobin's You Raise Me Up. Our daughter Hannah will be my jr. bridesmaid( will already have rose petals in the aisle way) and my mom walk with me. We have two white wedding chairs on either side of the aisle, and it is as intimate as I had hoped for. Cannot wait! Two more months... Please take it from me, at my first wedding, I had 7 bridesmaids, one matron of honor, one maid of honor, two soloist, a flower girl, a ring bearer and just as many groomesmen as I did ladies... it was a whole different wedding, more for the show than it is now, the peace, the importance of being his wife, opposed to having that big day! It is a huge day for the two of us, but having our closest family and friends with us in a totally different place, and embracing that  is what is truly important to us! Good luck!

    Tracey R. Bailey
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    We are doing a small wedding, too.  About 40 guests with a matron-of-honor and a best man.  The ceremony and reception will be held under a picnic shelter at a local state park.  The shelter is located down a path in the middle of the woods, so a lot of the usual froo-froo wedding stuff would be out of place.  It makes for a much simpler, less stressed wedding and planning!  Plus, the total cost for the space for the rehearsal the day before and the wedding is just under $200!  :)
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    We are doing a small wedding in North Myrtle Beach next year, we are from Jersey, so it's a destination wedding for us. We will have about 25 people (all family) and no bridal party. My two nieces are the flower girls, and our three sons are the ring bearers. Very small, and intimate, on the sand.

    Our families will be staying the week with us in Myrtle Beach, then we will honeymoon by ourselves later in the year, probably a cruise.
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    exactly like christine we are doing the garden of a restaurant w/ dinner inside afterwards for our 30 person wedding
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    We are getting married at the courthouse with just our children present and having a wedding luncheon with about 70 people after our honeymoon cruise.  Simple and less stressfull.
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