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wine ceremony

Hi everyone,
We are getting married at a vineyard and I have heard about the wine ceremony and I'm not able to find anything too solid that tells more about it or what we should buy to create the ceremony. If any of you know about this ceremony or had it I would love to hear more about it and what we need to get for it and what everyone needs to say during the ceremony. Including the officant. Thanks!

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    We were married at a winery a couple months ago and we did a "wine box and love letter"  We chose to write letters to one another and then neither one of us have read the letters.  We bought a box from Hobby Lobby and we place the love letters in the box with two glasses and a bottle of wine!  (We put an empty bottle of the winery wine since it is unlikely the bottle will last long.)  Basically on our fifth wedding anniversary we are opening it up! :)  It's a really neat idea and you can decide how long you want to wait to open the box and read the letters! 
    Just read about it and let me know if you have any more questions! This is just one website which describes what happens!

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