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Help! Need to figure out ceremony details.

My fiance and I are from different religious backgrounds.  He doesn't practice his religion whereas I am a practicing Catholic.  I want to receive the sacrament of marriage.  Originally our goal was to have the priest officiate the ceremony on the hall's beautiful grounds (which we paid extra for). However, the priest we are working with mentioned that he cannot officiate the ceremony unless it is under a roof, not out under a gazebo.  I don't know what to do? Some people suggested that I should look for another priest who would officiate the ceremony outside.  But I feel like that's such a hassle and disrespectful to the parish my mother still attends.

Has anyone been married by a Roman Catholic priest out in a garden area/beach area?   

Re: Help! Need to figure out ceremony details.

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    AFAIK, you cannot have a marriage recognized by the Catholic Church that takes place outside a church building without extreme extenuating circumstances (e.g. the marriage is being performed in a hospital room by necessity). There may be a few parishes willing to grant a convalidation with less cause, and retired deacons may perform outdoor ceremonies, but the former may be difficult to impossible to get and the latter will not confer the sacrament of marriage.
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    Sorry, rtabbita, Art is right on the nose with her advice. My sister just ran into this issue with her wedding planning and had to switch ceremony venues from an outdoor one to a church, because it was important to her to be married by her priest. Roman Catholicism is pretty inflexible on this rule.
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