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need helpful decore ideas asap!

My fiance and I have been having a hard time on deciding what the theme to our wedding should be. Well we finally put our heads together and decided on a 1920's in New York city theme! We both love the 20's and the music and we are in love with the city but now we are having a hard time on ideas about how to incorporate that theme into our wedding. I have already purchased my gown and I don't want to spend money i don't have on a new gown but the gown doesn't fit the theme. We are open to ALL suggestions and info.. thanks
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Re: need helpful decore ideas asap!

  • Art deco skyline on stuff (like invites) could be cool.
     I would change your sn so it does not include your full name.
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    [QUOTE]Art deco skyline on stuff (like invites) could be cool. <strong> I would change your sn so it does not include your full name.</strong>
    Posted by nda_roxybabe[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>Plus, it's kind of annoying when people post things with urgency when their wedding is 1.5 years away.</div><div>
    </div><div>Sorry I don't have any helpful decor suggestions.  Have you tried doing a Google image search?</div>
  • I've seen a couple of cute ideas for including a skyline...  you add something to invite, or print out a large picture of the skyline and use that as an escort card holder, shadow boxes with the skyline in the background for table numbers, and think lots of vintage items!  There's a lot you can do with the '20s... thats a fun theme!
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  • For the gown...can you add a cute additions to make it 20's theme like a different type of headpiece (the one with the cute netting) or some 20 style jewelry (the long pearls) or even a brooch or something to add to the dress.  There was a My Fair Wedding with David Tutera with a Great Gatsby Theme...maybe you could find that through your DVR or ondemand.  It was a good episode.
  • I really wouldn't fuss about changing your wedding gown if you've already purchased it. I don't think people are going to be calling you out on how your dress doesn't fit your theme :) Maybe try having 20's hairstyles and accessories to pull the look together, unless that really won't work with your gown.
    But anyways, use 20's music at your reception, make your invitations and other stationary using art deco designs (or city skyline...or both!)...
    Yeah, definitely check out Google, there are many brides who have already done these themes, and are sharing their ideas and inspirations.

    Have fun!
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  • another thing to consider is that weddings don't NEED themes.  everybody these days seems to be wanting to outdo everyone else with their "unique" and over the top themes.   what ever happened to choosing a couple colours, picking some nice centrepieces and voila - wedding bliss?

    if your wedding is really 1.5 years away there is a lot of time for things to change.  IMHO you should wait 6 months before purchasing or committing to any decor pieces and see where you're at when you're a reasonable amount of time "out" from your wedding.

  • i see pearls, bling, silver and black accents, mayb a little of feathers, white uplighting, twingle lights, shine and shimmer. If you wanted to incoorporate a color i would say if it is a daytime wedding light pink accents using a pale pink rose and small light pink accents, if it is a evening wedding i would say red, red roses, red lipstick ect.

    and like others have said do your 'theme' with accesories, a headpiece/ veil/ jewlery, shoes, makeup ect.
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