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Incorporating aspects of a Catholic wedding into a non-Catholic wedding?

My FI is Catholic and I am agnostic but spiritual. I'm not baptized and I have no desire to be married in a church. I'd like my wedding and reception--the whole shebang--to be at one locations, most likely outside. While that's still up in the air, I'm thinking about ways to show my FI and his family that I do very much value their beliefs.

We cannot be married in a Catholic church, nor do I want to be, however, I'd like to include their beliefs in some way. I'm not bapitized, nor would I convert for the sake of marrying in a church for his parents. My family is Jewish and Christain, many of them do not "agree" with aspects of Catholicism. It's our day, but I don't want any hurt feelings or drama surrounding how our ceremony goes.

It kind of breaks my heart to know that my FI to feels as if his marriage won't be "reckognized in the eyes of god", however, he did ask me to marry him knowing our beliefs are different. I want him to feel like his faith is reckonignized, present and respected.

Any suggestions of ways to incorporate his/his famiy's beliefs into the ceremony? I'm not opposed to prayer, readings from the Bible, etc... I just don't really know how to handle this whole thing, but one thing I'm firm on is BOTH of us being happy and comfortable with everything.

So, as a non-Catholic girl who was raised in a Jewish/Christain household that was generally non-religious, I come to you for suggestions and ideas or your own experiences!
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Re: Incorporating aspects of a Catholic wedding into a non-Catholic wedding?

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    He married you knowing your beliefs and desires about life and your wedding day so do not stress too much about it not being in a church.  He loves you and it is you and his days so make sure you do what you two want.  Aunt Sue is really not going to remember your ceremony in 2 years, but you and him will.  I agree that it is nice to incorporate some religious/spirtual items into the ceremony.  Maybe ask a memeber of his family to do a reading from the Bible.  I also think that a unity candle ceremony is a great way to this as well.  We are also having a short opening prayer, blessing of the wedding rings, and a final blessing.

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