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Flower girl dress

My daughter is going to be my flower girl for my February wedding. Only problem is that she is 16 months, David's bridal only has size 2t and up. I had an idea that maybe department stores would have a dress- any type of dress up dress, but no luck... Would anyone have an idea where a 'dressy' dress would be?


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    Maybe you can buy the 2t and have someone alter it to fit your daughter, at 16 months, she's probably not that much smaller than a 2t.....I sew clothes and costumes and quilts, maybe I can do it for you...

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    I've read on another board that the Easter dresses are starting to come out; maybe something like that would work? You could try Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I've heard people getting good prices there. Or look on eBay; maybe someone could alter for you (and send quickly!)

    Also there's a local shop called Teddy Bearskins in Wickford and Barrington that has dressy clothes for children. There's also a really nice children's consignment store on Hope Street in Bristol where my friend found great stuff for her kids when she was visiting. Good luck!
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    I got my flower girl dress off of this website... she is a lil older so we got a little girls dress, but the toddler dresses are also really cute!
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    Yeah, the Easter dress is a great idea!  I think I've seen baptismal gowns in the toddler sizes when I worked in a department store in high school...  either way at least you have options!!
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    There is a shop in Newport which carries ADORABLE dresses for little girls. I can't remember where it is though....I want to say it is on or near Bellvue ave. Depending on when your wedding is you could also probably find something cute on Etsy. I just did a quick search and found a lot of cute Tutu dresses and other traditional dresses as well...like this one. Good luck!
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    i found a dress!!! Burlington coat factory. I was so excited. A white dress with a blue sash ans flower on the back. The dress is in her size too :)
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    who pays for the flower girl dress? 
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