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More Questions about cakes and flowers

Ok girls, still doing research on cakes and flowers.  As previously mentioned we are getting married at Kinney Bungalow in August.  We are from Westchester, so we appreciate any advice offered!

As far as cakes I have looked into Tiff’s Wicked and Sin.  I have also gotten in touch with Confectionery designs, but they start at $7 a slice!  A little steep for us.  Has anyone used either of these bakers?  We are looking at a budget of $1000 tops for about 140 guests.  Of course we want it to takes great too!

As for flowers I’ve contacted Weedweavers and Studio 539 .  both seem to have interesting photos on their websites.  One problem is I have no idea about a flower budget.  We are doing tables of 10, so probably about 14 tables.  We want to decorate the arbor at Kinney Bungalow for the ceremony.  There is also my bouquet, as well as my 3 bridesmaids.  Corsages for both or mothers, my grandmother, and my fiancé’s godmother.  Boutonnieres for my fiancé, plus 4 groomsmen, my dad, and ring bearer.  I think that covers everyone!  We are going with a lore low key feel, and I love sunflowers, so we were going to do sunflowers and blue hydrangea and some wildflowers. 


Any help with any of the above would be greatly appreciated!  As always, thanks girls!


Re: More Questions about cakes and flowers

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    Try Its My Party in Newport, they charge $3.50 a slice and the cake is great!

    For flowers your ideas sound similar to mine which is costing around $1500-$2000 as we have not finalized everything yet
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but it's my party isn't available for the day we are getting married.  too bad, they get great reviews!
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    I'm no help on flowers but a few possibilities for cake:

    Toria Dolce in Ashaway/Westerly would be another option I'm not sure of pricing.  She did the cake for my cousins wedding, it was delicious and gorgeous. 

    Another place where we always get our family cakes is Vesta Bakery in Westerly, her cake is to die for and she has always been very reasonably priced.  She does do wedding cakes but it's not her only business which I think makes her more reasonably priced.  That would be my top pick if my venue did include the cake in their packages.  Good luck!
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    We just ordered a bday cake from Scrumptions.  Their chocolate cake is amazing!  We also got our RD cake from there (also chocolate, yum!).  Our wedding cake came from Shemry.  It was like $300 for a 5 tier cake.  She was brand new back then so I'm sure her prices have gone up, but the cake was beautiful and delicious.  We ate the top layer a year later and it was still moist and yummy. 

    For flowers, we used Florals by Alisa.  We had similar numbers to yours and paid just over $2K for everything (we also did wreaths for the church doors).  We did some out-of-season flowers though like peonies, anemones, etc. with dahlias, English roses, etc. so I think that brought our price up.  But FbA are lovely and VERY responsive by email - which would be good for an OOS bride like you! 
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    I would try Wright's Dairy Farm. Her prices are very reasonable although she works primarily with buttercream cakes. As for flowers, Florals by Alisa,  Blooming Blossom, Toni Chandler and I recommend checking out Whole Foods - they are not your ordinary grocery chain store. Very budget friendly too.
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    Jennifer Luxmoore at Sin was wonderful to work with and the cake was delicious.  We spent $650 for a four-tier cake with a customized design and two different flavor combinations.  This served 125 people.  We had a chocolate cake with strawberry ganaches alternating with a champagne cake with raspberry filling.  We had it decorated in buttercream with alternating designs of quilted harlequin pattern and a ornamental ironwork pattern in our blue and white theme.

    For flowers, we used Golden Gate Flowers.  The flowers were gorgeous.  We used flowers from them to top our cake including bright blue hydrangeas.  Golden Gate is on Broad Street in Cranston.   I spent roughly $2800 on  a decorated arch9 bouquets, 23 centerpieces, 2 mini bouquets, 5 corsages, 8 boutineres, 2 ornamental urns, a cake topper, 10 cocktail tables, an escort card wall  and an arrangement for the restroom.  We used in-season flowers of hydrangeas, callas, bells of Ireland, roses, gerberas and billiballs.
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    I used Sweet Sophistications for my cake and it was so delicious.  I got tons of compliments from my guests about it being the best wedding cake they'd ever had.  We had about the same number of people and the same budget as you, and Roy was able to provide an amazing cake with 3 different flavors for us : chocolate peanut butter, chocolate raspberry, and key lime (with a service cake in the back - the main cake fed 125) covered in chocolate ganache.  He was definitely the vendor that I was most excited about because the cake was just so amazing - we were thrilled to have not one but two tastings.  He sometimes takes a little while to get back to you, but is definitely worth the wait

    I also used Florals by Alisa and was very happy with their work.  I was also out of state (NJ), and they were incredibly easy to work with.
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    I'm actually going for Gregg's cakes arranged in a dessert table instead of a traditional wedding cake! I went to Scrumptions to try out their cakes and they were delicious but I just couldn't make up my mind about flavors and I wanted to have a variety of cakes so we're going with Gregg's!
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