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RI Bridal Expo this Sunday

 Anyone going to the wedding show this weekend. I was told it is a busy show with alot of vendors. My cousin went to one, and told me not to give your real email because they call you constantly. I still need to look at different vendors for limos, catering which I hope may be there.

Re: RI Bridal Expo this Sunday

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    I went last year and I loved it! It's probably the only expo I went to where I felt like I got my money's worth! It is huge and overwhelming! I actually made out little labels with my name, FI's name, our address, emails, wedding date etc. thinking that I was saving myself time. When in reality, I get nonstop calls and emails from a bunch of companies that just takes up a lot of my time haha. If you want to win a prize from a vendor just know that you may be getting lots of calls/emails from other vendors too. I suggest going with a friend, go early, take a break for the runway show, then finish up the aisles. Bring water and snacks and just enjoy it!
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    i went last year and it was my favorite of the 3 i went too. Alot of vendors you see mentioned on here are there.

    I met John from Weddingstories and ended up booking him

    I would avoid giving your real phone # and email. I've been married 2 months and still get about 10 emails a week and maybe a phone call a week from wedding vendors
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     I went to the Twin Rivers expo and loved it. I already have most of my vendors but, will probally go to the expo on sunday, I just love going to them, you can get alot of really great ideas too. I think they are well worth it especially if you have something specific in mind. Like looking for a photog. or Dj.
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    I went last year too.  I really enjoyed it because it was my first wedding related event.  Just be sure to give out your email/ph #/ and address sparingly because you will get A LOT of emails and phone calls that get really annoying!

    It was a really well put together show though.  Have fun!
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    I check the site, does anyone know the list of exhibitors?
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    The site online has a complete listing of all the vendors who will be there and what booths they are in.
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