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Rhode Island

Last post on this

Hi, girls. First of all I would like to say this is the last time I will post or respond to anything regarding the Flower Girls. I also would like everyone to know I had not been on The Knot after my wedding so I was not aware of the drama involved with another Knottie. I had been busy catching up on things. I read her post and I wanted to weigh in. I stated facts and wanted to be helpful to everyone. I hope you read my post and it helps with which ever florist you decide to use. I do have proof of everything I wrote about.With that said I missed some posts on this so I just wanted make sure everything I posted about is clear. I do not want to do into detail again but I did see a few questions about my birthday flowers. I understand everyone has a bad day so I would prefer not to keep trashing a vendor.  Her prices are great and she did give me beautiful flowers for my birthday. My husband ( so funny to say my husband! You will see! J) went to bring her the center piece for the head table on my birthday ( it was three days before the wedding.) and Tiffany made a beautiful bouquet for me and gave it to him for free. Like I had said there were other things wrong but the biggest issue was the colors (groom, me, cake) . The bridal party was fine because they were all in white. I hope this helps. If anyone would like more info they can contact me. I think the biggest thing everyone should take away from this would be to make sure and ask if the flowers are dyed. As we all know we plan our wedding around the color and the theme so it’s very important they both are right. So, that is all for me regarding flowers but I will try to help with anything else. Make sure you cherish this experience! I started about six months before telling myself I would not get upset the day of no matter what went wrong and it helped. Of course with my “Knot Knowledge” I didn’t think anything would but I am glad I prepared myself.

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