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I am scared that is might rain on my day and i was looking for a site to take indoor photos just incase..I am getting married in Pawtucket and then my reception is at Quidnessett country club... Any ideas???

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    The RI State House is right in the middle of Pawtucket & The QCC!  Remember that they are popular and book up fast!
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    thanks but already booked call there 10 months ago and it was already taken!!
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    Oh no!  How about the Henry Lippitt House or the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens?
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    You can try Atria Harborhill in East Greenwich on Division Street.  They will only charge you if you actually end up using the location, and it is free to hold your date.
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    we scrambled for indoor locations. I can't stress enough---make a rain plan!!! No one wants to think it will rain but we nearly died when the 10 day forecast showed showers all weekend and scrambled at the 11th hour.

    I looked into the state house and lippett house but just didn't want to pay a fee. We opted hitting downtown Providence hotels. We went to the Rennaisance Hotel and Temple restaurant, which is in its basement, the Biltmore, and Hotel Providence.

    it might sound odd--but I think we got really cool city pics in most of the lobbies and other parts of the hotels and no one stopped us or bothered us in any of them either
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    I second the Renaissance hotel! That's where I was going to go if it rained!
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    I thought u had to pay for the renaissace hotel?? Thanks for the help!
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    Hey Jac!! Def. listen to Holly.  If you want to use the state house or roger williams you have to get a permit from the department of parks and recreation to be inside.  They told me the same thing about waterplace park but Jennie nor I didn't have a permit and we were fine.
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