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Florist--who'd you use/are using and how much $$??

hey ladies!! I just got a quote for a florist that I LOVE but I'm concerned their prices a little high...so I was wondering who you guys went with/are going with and how much you're spending--I think that will help me a ton in gauging where my quote stands...if you could list out what you got/are getting from them, that would really help!!

thanks so much!! Cool

Re: Florist--who'd you use/are using and how much $$??

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    We are using Golden Gate Studio.
    Just around $2000. This includes bouquets for me and 6 BM, boutineers (whatever) for groom, 6 GM, 2 fathers, 3 grandfathers. Flowers for 2 mothers and 4 grandmothers. Centerpieces for the venue, flower girl basket and halo, flowers for the church, an arrangement for the entrance of the reception....and i think another 1 or 2 arrangements for the ceremony...cake table...maybe? I forget all the details. But its a good amount!
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    Price will also depend a lot on the type of flowers you are using. We are using Jeff & Co...Its $2300 for bride bouquet, 6 bm, 1 junior bm, 1 flower girl basket, 6 bouts for gm, clutch flower for 2 moms, bouts for 2 dads, grandma and ushers, 2 topiaries for ceremony site, arrangement for foyer, 12 reception tables, 3 mantles, and flower for cake. We are using a lot of peonies, rananculus, garden roses, and hydrangea. HTH!
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    We went with a local florist Elaine's flower. She is doing 26 centerpieces, 6 bm, 5 groom, two grams, two moms, two dads. 2 boys, flower girls basket. rose pedals for the aile. we are doign rose pedals to throw, something for the ceremony and a big centerpiece for the table card. ohh and my flowers for like 1400. we are using hydragia's. i would think 2K is about average so if you love them go with them.
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    We used Florals by Alisa & were beyond happy with the product & service! 

    I think we paid around $2500 for my bouquet, 8 BM bouquets, 1 FG pomander, 20ish bouts, 2 ceremony arrangements, 10 tall centerpieces, 10 short trio centerpieces, and a few extras. 
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    Oh and I should mention we used only roses for all our flowers.
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    We're using Flowers by the Station in Attleboro.  For $750., we're getting:
    1 bridal bouquet
    4 bridesmaids
    8 boutenaires
    3 mothers corsages
    8 centerpieces (we're doing bouquets and candles alternating, so I only need 1/2 the centerpieces)
    1 cake topper

    We're going mostly with hydrangeas.  Also, we're re-using the bridesmaids bouquets as flowers for the head table.  
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    thanks ladies!!! this definitely helps--I think the quote I got is pretty high considering I'm going to pay about half of what some of you but am getting less than half of the stuff...BUT it could definitely be the type of flowers I talked about with them that is driving that...I think I'll go back and ask if things can be swapped out to get the price to more around where I was thinking...

    if not, I'm gonna check out a bunch of the ones you all are using/used!!!! I may do that anyway haha!!

    thanks again! Cool
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