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Hi ladies!

Who are some of you using to make your wedding cake? Is anyone doing cupcakes? Or a small tier cake and a sheet cake for guests? My guest list is only 70 people so i am not sure if i want a tiered cake. I am thinking about doing cupcakes but i also want my husband and I to be able to "cut the cake" as is tradition. What bakery did you use for you wedding that was delicious?! I would love to hear some flavor combinations and place that people purchased their cakes from!


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    We are doing cupcakes with possibly a small cake for us to cut. We're in the process of trying some places. If you want a variety of flavors to choose from Diane's Delectables had many flavors to choose from and yummy cake too.
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    I am doing a fake tiered cake with the top layer as real cake so we can "cut the cake."  Cutting up wedding cake takes forever (I used to cater weddings... cutting the cake was my LEAST favorite part) so I am going to have sheet cakes already being cut up as we do our cutting of the cake so that when we are done and the cake is brought back to the kitchen they will start bringing out the already cut up sheet cakes.  It's not only easier for the staff but its much cheaper too.
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    I used Shemry Brown at Corby's Cakes and Cookies

    She did an amazing job replicating the design off our invites onto the cake and it tasted great...the price was one  of the best out of the 4 vendors we checked out
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    We are using Shemry for our groom's cake and really enjoyed her! We are using our caterer Russ Morin's for our actual wedding cakes. However, I met with Anna from Scrumptions and her cakes were to die for!
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    I went with Diane's Delectables and I've been thrilled with her service so far. Like the above poster mentioned....she has a TON of flavor choices and all the ones I tried were delicious.
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    Dyane's Sweet Tooth in Cumberland... yummy, beautiful cakes, sweet (no pun intended) owner, and VERY reasonable.
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    Thanks Ladies! I will have to check these places out. I am totally down for more than one tasting ;-)
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    Dyane's Sweet Tooth in Cumberland

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    I am doing cupcakes too! I have not picked a baker but so far Sin is my favorite.

    note: some caterers charge for a cake cutting fee if u do decide on a cake
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    We are using Konditor Meister.  You do have to pay a delivery fee but their prices are so reasonable that it was still cheaper than the local Newport vendors.  We did not pick them based on price but based on the fact that they were (to us at least) the best tasting cake vendor out of the ones we had tastings with. 

    We picked red velevet cake with vanilla mousse filling and gold cake with raspberry mousse filling.  KM doesn't use buttercream filling and we found the mousse filling to be a much lighter, less overly sweet taste which we loved.  They also don't use fondant and they use a rolled chocolate product instead of you are looking for the fondant look but with a good taste.   
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