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**jennabob** (or anyone who found affordable overlays)

I saw that you found affordable overlays online, I was just wondering what site you used?  Did you already order them and were you happy with the quality? I have seen some online for good prices but I wondered if they were too good to be true, I would love to add some color to the tables this way, and hoping I can squeeze it into the budget. $6 a piece is waaay more in the budget than $20!!! 

Re: **jennabob** (or anyone who found affordable overlays)

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    hi! i just ordered samples from weddinglinensdirect.com. the prices of the overlays  start at like $4 for regular organza, and are a little more for crystal organza (sparkly organza) and a little more for satin. i got the samples the other day (they have samples for 1.70 which is great) in various shades of purple and liked them. theyre not super high quality, but considering i didnt budget for overlays-the price is right. i personally liked the crystal organza overlay the best, but you definitely have to double it otherwise there's barely any color saturation which defeats the purpose. so just fyi when youre budgeting for that. the crystal organza had more color and was softer than the regular organza, which was pretty flat and boring. the satin looks fine too. i suggest ordering samples because the colors i received look nothing like the pics on their website.
    i also found a few other websites with cheap napkins and/or linens:

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    oh i found this great website that has pics of what different tables sizes look like with overlays-so where the various sized overlays will  hang and also what size linens is needed for all table sizes. it helped me because im a visual person and dont have any idea about this stuff.
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    SORRY! I just saw your post!!! e-favormart is where I found mine.  They are very reasonable!!!
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    Thanks girls!
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