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Personal Story/toast instead of reading during the ceremony??

   I've asked one of my really close friends to do a reading in my wedding, and he has suggested doing more of a personal story, how we met, how long we've known eachother, how perfect my fiance is for me etc. almost like the sort of thing one would say in a toast... and then ending with a short poem. 
   Have you guys seen this at other weddings? I actually think it's a good idea, and would be more interesting that just a regular reading something from a book. But I don't want everybody to think it's out of place.  Our ceremony is going to be pretty laid back, performed by another close friend.
    Any feedback would be great!

Re: Personal Story/toast instead of reading during the ceremony??

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    It might sort of take away from the Best Man's toast at the reception.  Usually the person marrying you will work some of that stuff into the actual ceremony wording.  I know our Officiant did. 

    I don't know, I guess I'd have to know more of what he would say.  I mean, you can't really do a toast without a drink or something to sort of toast with, and I would imagine that a lot of your guests know some of those things already.  It just seems out of place to me, but that's could also be just because I've never seen it done before, I don't know.
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    I agree with danieliza1127.  To hear a personal story of how you met or a toast is something I would expect to hear at the reception, not in the middle of the ceremony.  It seems out of place.  We did the same as you. We had a very casual ceremony and one of our good friends married us.  In his introduction, he said some personal things about us as we related to him.  That was it.  Our best man and MOH did readings, but they were not biblical.  MOH read "Two days we should not worry about" and BM read "Oh, the Places you'll Go" by Suess.

    The story of how you met, got engaged, fell in love is best served at the reception in the form of a toast.  Most of the weddings I have attended, the best man delivered this.  Whether or not he decides to do a toast or reflect these stories is up to him.  But don't take away the possibility for his speech because one of your friends doesn't want to do a reading.  You said he would end it with a poem.  Have him just read the poem and move on.

    Besides, some of these "how they met  stories" get long winded and jumbled.  Don't subject your guests to a 10 minute recollection of your first date during the ceremony. Boring!
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    I'm sorry... i guess I wasn't clear, not that it necessarily matters... but My friend wanted to start with how he and I met, not my fiance. And more of a short... when we first met back in college.... etc. and how I changed when I met fiance (in good ways) and that it was like i found the final piece of the puzzle of my life...
    I don't think it's because he doesn't want to do a reading, but he and I have been friends for a long time, and he has lived far away for the last 7-8 years, so it's not a story that everybody would have heard a billion times.  Definitely not a ten minute ramble :)
       I appreciate the input though, it's hard to decide, so outside perspectives are always good :)
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    If it were about you and your FH, I think it would be great at the ceremony -- far more interesting that reading someone else's words. But since it's more about you and the friend, I don't think it really belongs in the ceremony. Can he do a toast at the reception instead? Sounds like he has some things he'd really like to say.
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    Even with your clarification, it still sounds much more suited to the reception than the wedding.

    At DD's wedding, a friend who had known SIL for years, and who became very special to my DD is a poet.  She wrote a beautiful poem about them, about marriage, about beginning their life's journey together and read that during the ceremony.  It was particularly lovely.
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