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Ring Bearer & Flower Girls?

My fiance and I are not having a bridal party- we originally just wanted it to be him and me and the preacher, that's it. Well, I have an 8 year sister, and my mom said I should have her be a bridesmaid. I don't want that, so I agreed to have her be a flower girl. So then came the "we need another flower girl and ring bearer" situation (I know that I don't HAVE to have those, but it's the standard at most weddings I have been to, and I'm kind of going traditional on this). So we asked his sister if her youngest (2 yrs) will be our ring bearer, and the second-youngest to be our second flower girl. Now I've changed my mind, and I'm not sure I want flower girls and ring bearers. It doesn't make a difference to his sister about the kids being in it, she really didn't even want to bring the 2 year old (he'll be 3.5 at the time of our wedding) but my mom really wants me to include my sister in the wedding. I'm fine with that, but what can I have her do?
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