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3 fathers, 2 mothers...Please help with processional

So, my FI is Jewish and I'm not. I always imagined having both my father and step-father walk me down the aisle (like my sister did). However, apparently it is customary in Jewish weddings for both parents to walk their respective chil doesn the aisle. So, if my FI's parents both walk with him , and both my dad's walk me, my mom is the only one left out. Any ideas on how I can arrange this so as not to hurt anyone's feelings? 

Re: 3 fathers, 2 mothers...Please help with processional

  • Can you have your mom and step-dad walk you half way, then your dad the other half?
  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    I suggest you talk to your Jewish friends or your FMIL, as this has to have happened previously in the great history of mankind. As you're not Jewish, you could just go with your original plan and have step dad escort you. Again, not being Jewish, you could have the two dads escort you. Do you want mom and both dads to walk you? You could be escorted by your mom and have the two dads follow. How would the dads feel walking together?
  • If I had my choice I would want my dad and stepdad (who raised me) to walk with me, I'm just afraid my mom might feel left out. Maybe she will be ok just being escorted my my brother. 
  • Another option...Stepdad can escort your mother (if she wants to process) or she can already be seated. 

    If stepdad escorts your mother, he can then circle back around and you can walk with dad & stepdad as you planned.

    Talk with your parents and see what they'd be most comfortable with.
  • Good sugestions! Thank you :-) Glad I still have 6 months to think about it lol
  • In Response to Re:3 fathers, 2 mothers...Please help with processional:[QUOTE]If I had my choice I would want my dad and stepdad who raised me to walk with me, I'm just afraid my mom might feel left out. Maybe she will be ok just being escorted my my brother.nbsp; Posted by Salsera29[/QUOTE]

    Ask your mom how she feels about it. You may be worrying for no reason.
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  • I agree with asking your mother what she'd like but if she says it's up to you, it's been your thought to have your stepdad and father walk you and have your mom escorted by your brother and that sounds just fine.  You're not Jewish so do what YOU want.  Your fiance can be escorted by his parents but you don't have to do the same.

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Well, I can remember a Jewish wedding I attended for a cousin where the bride's parents were divorced and on hostile terms and the groom's parents were divorcing at the time of the wedding (separated but not yet divorced) and while both accompanied him down the aisle, one could see that they were barely holding in their mutual hostility-didn't look at each other, didn't look happy, etc.  The bride walked down the aisle by herself.

    The couple are now divorced themselves.

    Whatever you decide, I think I wouldn't want people on hostile terms to be expected to walk down the aisle together.
  • Update: I talked to my mom, she said she is ok with my brother walking her if they are right before me (so, after BM and FG). A little unorthodox but if everyone else is happy, I'm happy. Thanks for the help!
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