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Choosing vendors

Which matters more, price or personality? And what was the determining factor that made you book that vendor?

I've having a tough time deciding on vendors especially in photography and videography.

Re: Choosing vendors

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    IMO the photographer is so important so I would pay more for a photag with amazing skills.  On the other hand if I met him/her and she/he was rude, I wouldn't give them my business because there are so many vendors available.  Price is always a concern but you must mesh or click with the vendor.  Then they will provide you with good service, understanding and flexibility.  I spent more on my photag and videographer than I expected because I loved their work and they were down to earth and awesome to meet!  I don't know if that helped at all..lol

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    If I had it narrowed down to two or three, I went based on personality.  You're gonna want to have that person there, on your wedding day.  You don't want to look back on your day and think that you wished they weren't there or something. 
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    I agree with PP. No matter how great a photographer is, you want to make sure their personality fits. Thankfully my photog fit my personality AND my purse!

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    Personality with photographers & videographers is extra important then any other vendor since you will spend hours and hours of your day with them.  Not to mention the product your photog & videog is the ONLY thing you left.  I would go with personality over price.  
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    I also agree, personality over price. I understand price is important but, weddings are so expensive and you would'nt want to just go with someone because they were cheaper. I think I have said this before, when someone is priced well under the "norm" in their profession, there is a reason. And photography is so important. Good Luck:)
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    We were VERY lucky. We've met with one vendor each time around and booked them. I mean I did a lot of research online before meeting with anyone. But in the end if I felt comfortable with the vendor then I'm good to go! I'm a really easy going laid back person, and I know that I'm not picky so I probably wont notice if a flower is out of place or if the DJ plays a song on my do not play list! So as long as I feel comfortable with the person we booked them! I mean we looked at price when deciding to meet with a vendor or not. But that wasn't really the biggest deal.

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    You absolutely need to click with your photographer & videographer more than say the cake designer.  You will spend yoru entire day w/ your photo & video people whereas chances are slim that you'll spend any time with the cake designer.  Make sense? :)
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    Thanks guys. It's tough because I like the work of one photographer better than the other but not really clicking with the other photographer. Never thought I'd be this indecisive. My FI is no help either. He likes them both.
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    Personality is definitely important...I'm on the same page as all of the girls here. We did, however, meet so many great photogs with amazing personalities that, personality wise, we could have worked with any one of them. We ended up with the most expensive one because her work stood out the most to us. As for videographer, same thing...two out of the three we met with were great, and ended up with the one whose work spoke the most to us. He ended up being the least expensive...his work is worth way more than what we're paying though!
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    Personality was huge when selecting photographers. As PPs have said, they are literally with you from start to finish. We met four and really liked two. I really clicked with one and FI really clicked with another but we were both on board and happy with either choice. So then it came down to money, and one would have been at least $1,000 more with tax and such, so that made the final decision.

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