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FYI calling all Brides

Just incase you haven't figured it out yet RoyalOrient (with the striped socks) who joined yesterday... the same day I posted my complaint... IS Studio 539 posing as a Bride!!!! Pretty sneaky!!

Re: FYI calling all Brides

  • AmyRIAmyRI member
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    The date RoyalOrient joined is wrong. I've seen her post on this board for a long time (in addition to posts in the last couple weeks, so clearly the join date is wrong). I can't say whether or not she's associated at all with Studio 539, but she's definitely a real bride.
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    Well, I could say your first post ever was yesterday, so does that mean you're a vendor, too? I'd be sure you have your facts straight before you start accusing people of things you don't know for sure.
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    Ha Ha I have my facts straight!
  • Dicaps55Dicaps55 member
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    um, it says she joined on 1.20.09 - its 2010 now, so that was a year ago - not yesterday.
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    RoyalOrient has been on this board for a while. Whether she is a vendor or not, I don't know but in all of the posts I have seen, she acts like a bride, not a vendor. 

    I just backtracked and looked up the last post about Studio 539 that KB_RI opened several days ago. Knottie Annie shut that discussion down because hollyebennett you posted your concerns and then the vendor counteracted. You have a right to your opinion, which you stated under two different posts. Studio 539 has a right to say their side of the story via the correct channel (aka Knottie Annie) which they did. As far as I am concerned, no one was being sneaky.
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    Holly, I'd love to hear your facts, then. Please, share with us.
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    My mistake ladies as of a couple of hours ago it said that RoyalOrient joined on 1/20/2010 and that was confirmed by AmyRI above who said the date must be wrong. RoyalOrient attacked my comment about who my photographer was when I was asked by KB_RI in the Studio 539 post. She seemed strangely aggressive for a bride.

    As I mentioned earlier I am a REAL bride as shown by my photo above who did most of her planning on projectwedding.com but would always check the posts on the knot to find out what other brides liked and disliked. I'm sharing my experiences to save others some of the heartache that I went through. Take from it what you like it’s only a suggestion. I have been pretty fair in “stating the facts” in my post and not being overly aggressive or mean. Flowers meant a lot to me at my wedding and for Studio 539 to have messed them up and not even cared is just awful.

    I know that the Studio 539 is going to be watching for negative reviews because I told them that I was going to share my story on the knot and other websites. I wish you ALL all the best on your upcoming big days but if something that you spent a lot of time and energy and money on goes wrong see how strongly you feel about it then. Have a good evening!

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    I'm all about calling out vendors, but Royal Orient has definitely be around for a while.  Who knows, maybe she has some sort of agenda, but I have never heard or suspected anything about her other than being a bride. 

    You said you weren't here too much, right?  I didn't see the reply you're referring to (I did see your rant - twice).  But it's not uncommon for some brides on here to vigorously defend vendors they like.  Also, I've seen people defend vendors if they think a complain is BS.  

    Anyway, don't know what happened here, but I'll be yet another to vouch that Royal Orient isn't some new poster.
  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    For the record, I am not a vendor, just a sassy mouth!  Thank you everybody who has vouched for me and my striped socks. 

    I am also in no way associated with Studio 539 or any other vendor on the Knot. If  I was I'd brag to you guys about my discounts and connections.

    btw the new version of this site has lots of kinks. Not sure why it shows me as a newly registered bride and my date is wrong. *shrugs* 

    Here you wanna know more about moi follow me via my blog, http://moniinthemoment.blogspot.com/


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