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Hi there! I'm a bridesmaid in my friends wedding March 9th. I said I would help book the hairdressing appointment and have run into a snag. If anyone had any suggestions of where I could call I would appreciate it.
The wedding is on a Sunday so most places I've called won't do it. There are 4 of us getting our hair done that morning, the wedding is at 1:30 so it would be earlier in the morning. The bride lives in Pawtucket and the wedding is in Seekonk so something around there would be best, and something reasonably priced is even better. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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    You might have better luck finding someone who can come to you. I know that Gina Joubert gets good reccs on here. Maybe others here will chime in with reccs.

    Otherwise, I've heard good reviews about A New Leaf in Bristol, which isn't too far from Seekonk; I don't know if they're open on Sundays but they have a whole page catering to brides on their Web site. GL!
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    New leaf told me they will do sunday weddings for an additional charge. They are already pretty pricey so you might want to look somewhere else first. I think bridesmaid updos are around $85 a piece.
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    I think my hairdresser would do a Sunday wedding - she travels to where you are located.  Try Jennifer Fournier.
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    New Leaf quoted me at double the price of a normal updo for a Sunday wedding...I agree with PP look elsewhere first to try and save some money! I am using Sam Cavalope, she will travel to you! Her number is 203-214-6780!
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    I think finding someone who will come to you would be best. Most salons are not open on sunday. someone over on the boston board just asked this, I have heard good things about special event, www.specialeventbeauty.com. I am using I DO, they are coming to my mothers house the day of my wedding and I really like them www.idoweddinghairnewengland.com good luck it will work out:)
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