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Are most of you getting your hair done at the salon in the Hyatt or are you bringing someone in? I know there prices are very high. But not sure if it would just be easier to go downstairs vs. worrying about booking someone and all that. I need to book it ASAP.

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    I'm getting married at Belle Mer and having the rehearsal dinner at the Hyatt.  I'm running out of time to book too, but I'm trying to find somewhere else to go for hair and make up, I thought the Hyatt prices were outrageous! Also, I'm hoping that my BMs will get their hair done with me and I don't expect them to be willing to pay that much.

    Good luck!
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    I am getting ready at the Hyatt (which is where my reception is) but the church is in Johnston.  I also thought the prices were outrageous.  I am giong with my own hairdresser as she ismore reasonable and I want to pay for the girls hair as well.
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    I am getting married at Belle Mer but our room block and welcome reception are at the Hyatt.  My stylist is coming to do my hair and I am having Jane Sincere do my makeup.  I did not want to go to a salon to have my hair and makeup done.  I think that it will be much more fun and relaxed to get ready in the hotel room.  I only have my sister as my MOH and my mother will be getting her hair and makeup as well.  I think by having someone come to you you can dictate the timing better and hold off on makeup and hair for the bride as long as possible so that it is fresh. 

    Just one other tidbit.  I got a french manicure at the Hyatt spa the day after I got engaged (My fiance proposed at the Hyatt actually) and the manicure was HORRIBLE.  AND...it was $50, including gratuity, WITH the 20% discount that hotel guests get.  A spa manicure on Newbury street doesn't even cost that much!  I am definitely not using the spa for any beautification services for the wedding.  I may get a massage though, we'll see.
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