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Don't Use Studio 539

Hello: I wanted to answer your question about Studio 539 because I used them for my wedding this past October. I will be posting a more detailed review of all of my vendors because I found that to be really helpful when I was planning. I would suggest NOT using them I was NOT happy with the job that they did and especially the way they did business.

Christina would act really flakey in our meetings but I kept chalking it up to her personality and excitement about the event. What happened was when I checked back with her a few weeks out from the event she "didn't recall" very important details that we had discussed in our lengthy discussions and then I was stuck. She'll promise the world up front but then won't deliver on it and that is not what you want to be dealing with right before the big day.

For instance she was supposed to add rosemary to my bouquet as a symbol of remembrance because my dad passed away and she forgot to do it. When she arrived at the hotel to give me my flowers and I asked her why it wasn't in the bouquet she went "ohhhh I knew I forgot something" Then all of my groomsmen’s flowers were dead by the time we took pictures. I specifically asked that we not use orchids anywhere besides certain arrangements and when I walked up to do my cake cutting it was the only thing on my cake. This occurred more than once that she used flowers that I told her I specifically didn't want. She also kept telling me that she would have sample arrangements for me to preview at our final meeting, that never happened. We talked at length about the arrangement that would be at the center of the cocktail hour and she messed that up so horribly that I can barely even think about what an eyesore my guest had waiting for them when they walked in.

After the wedding I expressed my unhappiness with the job that she did to her and cited these specific instances and she and her boss Matt basically told me to go take a flying leap. So I suggest you keep your money in your pocket and don't waste your time meeting with these folks there are plenty of other floral vendors out there who will be happy to have your business.

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