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Another invitation question

Hello again,

I had read that printing address labels for you invitations was not considered correct.  I do not know calligraphy nor am I talented enough to learn.  We also do not have room in our budget to hire a calligrapher.

What would you do?  Would you handwrite the addresses in your  normal handwriting or clear address labels on your computer?

Thanks again for the help!

Re: Another invitation question

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    I had a stamp made, and had navy blue ink. It looked great! Our wedding invites were a little "different" though: http://katieneuman.com/a_05.html
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    I did a very nice label. They were label wraps with a graphic. I had them made from etsy. Sent her all my addresses and she made them all. I printed them at home and it was only $25.00 I got a ton of compliments. She even made return address ones and they matched the one on the invite. I can email you a pick if you want.
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    I used clear labels and the "Monotype Corsiva" font.  I would have preferred to use a caligrapher but I didn't have room in the budget for that either.  They actually came out looking really nice and I really don't think anyone noticed either way...we have gotten several compliments on the invitations so far!
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    We were planning to print directly on the envelope with computer calligraphy but then I found an add on craigslist for a calligrapher.  I contacted her and told her that I was looking for a modern calligraphy or just nice writing.  She sent me a sample and it was perfect and she only charged $50 for up to 75 invitations.  I met her downtown where I work at South Station and she turned them around in two days. 

    Think about how much time you will spend doing labels or other DIY options.  To me that time was worth a lot more than $50.  I will send you her email address if you want. 
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    The etsy seller (who is designing and printing our invitations) is also printing guest addresses and return addresses on the envelopes for us.
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    There are a few people on etsy that do affordable (I think) calligraphy.  Also, weddingbee mentions a ton of good options.  Your calligrapher doesn't need to live near you, if you're willing to ship your envelopes. 

    I am not good with figuring out printers and lining things up, and I have decent handwriting, so I did my own.  Halfway through....I wished I'd hired someone!  :-) 
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    After addressing my own STDs, I started looking for another option for invites!I found a number of etsy folks who do affordable calligraphy and think I will go that route. If it comes down to budget, a friend has really nice handwriting and has offered to help me with anything I need, so I might hit her up. She did her own and they were very nice.
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    My sister and I are doing the calligraphy work on the English Invites. We both have very nice cursive hand writing. I also have a calligraphy set so I wouldn't need to buy any extra supplies.  The names that will be addressed in Khmer will be done by my FI's uncle in a scrolly fashion.
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    I printed my address right onto the envelope after playing with a ton of fonts on the computer til I got the look I wanted. I didn't want to spend too much on it since I figured people were just going to rip them open and toss it. Just my personal opinion though
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