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logistical Q re: RD in Newport in July

Hi ladies,

So my RD is all set to go.  W/o going into detail, the conflicts between my fiance' and me and his parents have gotten so extreme that they are considering hosting their own dinner for all of their friends.  Realistically, do you think they'd even be able to find a place in Newport that would hold at least 50 people maybe up to 75 for a Sat. night this July...I'm thinking no.  


Re: logistical Q re: RD in Newport in July

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    I don't really know what their chances of finding a place at this point would be. I'm guessing most of the typical restaurants in Newport would be booked up at this point but maybe not.  I'm sorry to hear about your conflict. Sounds like a nasty situation...I hope things improve by the time of  your wedding!
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    Check out the Atlantic Beach Club- my FI had an Xmas party there ... not sure if they have weddings in the same room as other functions (probably booked for a wedding) but worth looking into. Also check out Brick Alley Pub- they have a room upstairs that you can rent if you have a minimum amount of people (I think it is 40 or 50 people). Good luck!
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    You're going to have a very hard time finding a place that will allow a rehearsal dinner on a Saturday. We just worked through this and it was a big headache.

    We tried all the usual suspects (Brick Alley, Red Parrot, 22 Bowens, etc.) and they all told us they do not take large party reservations on Saturday nights. We'd walk through the space and menu and think we got a winner; only when we finally mentioned it was on a Saturday would they would spill the beans. It was pretty aggravating. If you need to book another rehearsal dinner, I would pull out the phone book and start dialing numbers now. Mention up front the number of people you need and the fact that it's a Saturday. Try and give Castle Hill a call; I'd try for Jamestown area restaurants too if you're okay with the drive.

    We ended up doing with Gas Lamp Grille. It's not my favorite place in Newport but it will fit the bill. They give you the whole second floor with a bartender. You can buy out the space for the night if you pay for the DJ. We're using it for a welcome party after the dinner.
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     I am a Maitre'D in Newport. You might try "The Valley Inn" in Portsmouth, RI.
     Its "on the island" the people who own it don't open unless their booked for something and ( I hear ) the food is very good. Its on West Main Rd, easy to find and reasonable. Hope it helps. Dan Jackson
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