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Rhode Island

Choosing a florist

I'm not sure how it works.  Is it possible to meet with prospective florists and request a mock-up (of a centerpiece you like for example) without booking them?

Re: Choosing a florist

  • FutureMrs,ACSFutureMrs,ACS member
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    This is a good question!! im curious, and was wondering the same..

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    I would have loved that.   Not sure if it was possible and I just didn't ask, but...

    I met with 4 florists.  I went in to each meeting with some ideas and a few pictures.   The florists showed me their portfolios (except one notable florist who did not have one), and then asked me questions to get a feel for me and my style.  We went through everything and basically collaborated for the proposal.  I'd say 3 of the florists kept trying to impose their style on me even when I vocalized that I wasn't interested in certain things.   The florist I selected really listened to me, and if she asked me something that I wasn't feeling, she moved right on from it and helped me come up with that I do like.   True collaboration was really important to me.

    One funny thing though is that we stole ideas from each meeting and brought them to the next.  That was actually helpful.

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    I think you'd probably have to pay for a mock-up if you hadn't booked yet. One didn't really even want to do a full written quote/proposal for me if I wasn't going to book her, but she's a one-person show. No harm in trying, though.
  • Dicaps55Dicaps55 member
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    We only met with one florist & I just knew after talking with them that they were for us!  They showed us some pictures of their previous work & then asked us alot of questions about what we like for flowers & details about our wedding.  They sent us a proposal the following day which was VERY detailed - we made a few changes & then accepted.  They would charge for a centerpiece trial so we opted not to have one.  I couldnt haven been happier with our flowers when I saw them!
  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    My suggestion is to send some inspiration pictures of your desired floral arrangement/bouquet and ask them to design a mock-up. The mock up will probably cost you like Florals by Alisa will have you pay for it (they work out of their home studio). I always ask to see their recent work or find a similar floral arrangement they made for another wedding. G.L
  • KrsdloveKrsdlove member
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    here is a helpful article that was sent to me...hope it helps you!

    How to choose a Florist

    Flowers can really enhance your affair. However, finding a florist is not that easy. A good florist will be busy, so book early, and try for six months before your wedding. First, ask the banquet hall you are having the reception at for the florists they recommend. Some reception facilities only allow certain florists in their establishments so check before you search.

    If that doesn’t help, then ask friends and family for suggestions. Call friends whose weddings you’ve been to and whose florists created beautiful arrangements. Most importantly, ask if they had an easy time planning, and working with that florist.

    Once you have gathered a few names, call and get price estimates and make appointments to see their work. Most good florists will not give an estimate over the phone. When you meet with the florist it is good to bring some fabric from your bridesmaid’s gowns, so that the florist can help you with the colors and types of flowers to use.

    It is good to use a florist who has worked in the location at which you are having your wedding. That way the florist will know “what works and what doesn’t”. A good florist will use many types of medium. For example, candles or chair covers, and other favors.

    Therefore, when you finally decide upon a florist don’t forget that you may need some or all of these items:

    • Bride’s bouquet
    • Bouquet to toss
    • Maid of Honor’s bouquet
    • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
    • Groom’s boutonniere
    • Best Man’s boutonniere
    • Ushers’ boutonnieres
    • Corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom
    • Boutonnieres for the fathers of the bride and groom
    • Flower girl’s basket
    • Ring bearer’s boutonniere and ring pillow
    • Aisle decorations
    • Altar or Chupah decorations
    • Candles for ceremony
    • Table centerpieces
    • Cake table
    • Live Flowers for wedding cake
    • Chair covers

    Remember not to be afraid to ask the florist for what you want. Don’t be intimidated by the florist who tells you what you need. And don’t feel bad to negotiate the price. Find out from the florist how much will the flowers that I want cost. Is the delivery and setup included in the price. Ask the florist if he or she has worked in the venue you are using before. If so what type of centerpieces do they recommend?

    Depending on the season different flowers are available for your use. Ask the florist which flowers are in season when you are getting married.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for references, or to see samples of the florist’s work. Lastly, get a contract of what exactly will be provided for your affair.

    Wedding planning can be very stressful, and finding a florist is no different, except it can be really fun. Good luck , and take the time to smell the flowers!

    © 2000 WedAlert Corp

  • hollygb22hollygb22 member
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    I don't think they'll spend the $ to show you a mock up at your intial meeting.

    ask when you meet with them..some may include it if you book them.

    I had a hard time with inspiration pics only because I was engaged in late Oct, got married the following Oct...so it was hard to find fall mock ups in the magazines since I never had any in season

    Poll the married ladies too....see what their experiences were with different florists and what their final product looked like and if it met their expectations.
  • bunny416bunny416 member
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    My florist did a mock up for us before we booked.  We had a semi simple elegant arrangement so she gave us the choice of purchasing it or she could sell it through her cooler in the store.  I opted to purchase after I saw it i loved it soo much i did not want any one else to have it.  And booked her at the time of the viewing of the sample.  We use the flower girls tiffany was great and it was nice to have the option to buy or not when we saw the arrangement.  We paid $35.00 for it and was well worth it it lasted 10 days after the meeting.

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    My florist did not show me a mock up before I booked her. She did have an extensive portfolio though. I brought in pictures of what I liked and she showed me similar things that she had done. Although I keep changing my mind I am going to ask her to show me a mock up, great idea. She did some sketches for me as well. Her name is Tami Reid and her web site is www.tamarareiddesigns.com

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    My florist did not do a mock up for us before we booked her but I did not ask either.  I did ask for her to include one centerpiece mockup for no additional charge before the wedding.  I'm using Toni Chandler and she is awesome.  I have no doubt that my flowers will be amazing. 
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