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Cocktail hour

What do you do at a cocktail hour if you are not serving alcohol? do you even call it that?

Re: Cocktail hour

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    I personally would be puzzled if you did call it a cocktail hour and then no alcohol was served.  But I also have no idea how else you would refer to this chunk of time!

    Is this for your invitations?  I'm sort of wondering why you need to call it anything.  The only time our cocktail hour was referred to by name was on the wedding day timeline for our vendors.

    How about "Please join us for hors d'oeuvres and refreshments at four pm.  Dinner will promptly follow at five"?
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    Hospitality Hour?
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    I don't think I've ever really heard the "cocktail hour" formally referred to as such to the guests.  I think everyone pretty much understands the concept of munching and mingling until the bride and groom arrive.
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    don't call it a cocktail hour, maybe serve apptitizers and non alchoalic beverages, call it social hour, appetizer hour, something like that
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