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Florist prices

Hey ladies, I am going to start looking into florists soon. I know that prices vary a LOT for florists depending on flowers, season, wedding size, etc., and prices for delivery can be one fee or a percentage of the total (which technically changes the actual final cost of each bouquet) etc, so its really hard to compare.  I guess for now I'm just looking for some general prices ranges, like what you are paying for your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, a centerpeice, etc., just so I have somewhere to start from.  Thanks!

Re: Florist prices

  • kathanddavekathanddave member
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    I used Tony Chandler and she is very reasonable.  My bouqet is around $175 and my BMs around $50 and Matron of Honor around $75.  My centerpieces are around $90 per table.  She is amazing!!!!  I initially went to Clements Market and Terry was soooooooooooo rude, she was much cheaper but I would rather spend twice as much than deal with Clements.  Give Tony a shout she will work with you.
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    I am using NYS in woonsocket.  My flowers are $90 bridesmaids $55 and premium size center peices are $35( 40 if i use there vases). They are so nice it was a $5.00 deposite to reserve the day and another $20 when I sign the contract. Also you only have to make the final payment check 2 weeks before or cash 1 week before. The women was so nice and so wasn't the guy ( owner i think).
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    I am using a lot of roses by the way :)
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    sorry for the 3rd post but i forgot to say I have used them before for other events and they are just awesome and prices are great.
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    Using Whole Foods florist!!!!!! Way less expensive than the florist.  I was quoted by Golden Gate in cranston - $125 - 150 for Bride, $40 - $50 for bridesmaids and $55 for large centerpieces. 

    I am using all calla lillies from Whole foods $75 bride, $30 BM.
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    I am using Toni Chandler as well.  My bouquet is $150, MOH is $75 (only bridesmaid), bouts are $14 and centerpieces are $125.

     My CPs are more expensive because there are three vases of flowers in each one.  I am using a lot of peonies, callas, orchids, roses, snap dragons and other bright pink seasonal flowers. 
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    I used Florals by Alisa and LOVED my flowers.  They say that your floral budget should be around 10% of the total budget for your whole wedding.  If flowers aren't as important to you, go with less. 
  • caralinda1985caralinda1985 member
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    I'm going with Tiffany Weddings out of East Providence. 

    She quoted me $1,625.00 for the following:

    Bridal Bouquet
    Toss Bouquet
    MOH Bouquet
    2 Nosages for MOB & FMIL
    1 Pin on Corsage for my Grandmother
    2 Gold Wire Pomanders with fresh flowers in the center for FGs
    Groom's Boutonniere
    4 Boutonniere's for BM, Fathers, and RB
    14 Tall Centerpieces
    Curly Willow Spray for Gazebo Outside
    10 Silk Pomander Balls for Aisle
    Orchids For the Cake
    Wishing Tree with Manzanita Branches and hanging votives

    Flowers I'm using are Green Dendrobium Orchids, Purple Dendobium Orchids, Dark Blue Hydrangea, Dark Purple Calla lillies, and Blue Muscari, and she's throwing peacock feathers into the mix to go with my theme.

    She works from her home that's why her prices are so reasonable and she's been a delight to work with. 

    Her website is http://www.tiffanyweddings.biz/

  • wendyk33wendyk33 member
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    I am using Elaine Flowers in North smithfield.

    my total was a little less then 2K but i am getting,

    2 mom with corsages
    6 bridemaids
    9 guys for boutonniere
    1 flower girl basket with rose pedals
    pedals for the aile
    my bouquet
    flowers outside
    17 centerpieces.
    flowers for the cake
    centerpiece for the placecard table.
    I am also doing rose pedals to be throw at the end of the ceremony.
    So i think with all this she is very reasonable. I cant remember the exact prices of  each thing.
  • Dicaps55Dicaps55 member
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    We also used Florals by Alisa and thought they were amazing.  I honestly don't remember what everything cost, but I know we got ALOT for our money.  They were fantastic to work with - great customer service & beautiful flowers!
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    The 10% estimate is about right.... One of the most important elements of the wedding decor for me, was florals.  I met with 8 florists during planning and went with Florals by Alisa - I still receive compliments on our flowers 13 months later!  They were able to give us SO many blooms for a really great price in comparisson to what I found at other florists (about half the price of some!).  We had 4 BM bouquets, 2 FG pomanders, 3 GM bouts, 2 RB floral pillows, 1 Groom bout, my GIGANTIC bouquet, 2 mom posey's, 2 dad bouts, 6 aunt corsages, 6 uncle corsages, 1 grandma corsage, 2 floral letter son the church door, 2 tall altar arrangement, 20 lush floral centerpiece wreaths, cocktail hour centerpiece, rose petals scattered, head table arrangements, my toss bouquet.... for just under $4K.
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    I am embarrassed by my floral budget, as it is out of control.. But I will just agree with about 10% of your budget.

    We're getting 1 huge bridal bouquet, 6 BM bouquets, 1 Jr. BM bouquet, 2 FG pomanders, 2 mom's bouquets, a total of 15 corsages, 15 tall CP's ($120 ea.), 15 short CPs ($80 ea.), about 10 bouts, 2 altar arrangements, 6 tall aisle arrangements, 1 reader stand arrangement, a cemetary arrangement for my FI's grandfather and a CP for my grandmother's room. And other things I can't recall. It's ridiculous, really. But it sure is a major part of my day.
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    I got my flowers for 750, which is about 5% of my budget.  I got 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 bridal bouquet, 7 boutenaires, 3 mom corsages, and 9 centerpieces.  We got ours from Flowers by the Station in Attleboro.
  • ayleeaylee member
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    We used Florals by Alisa and I just can't say enough good things about our flowers.  I love them!  I agree with Rachael and Tana... you get a lot for your money.  I didn't tell them what blooms to use, but they nailed everything down.  Everything was gorgeous.  I actually want to do another event just so I can use them again.  That's how much I love them.  Great and very fast customer service.  Definitely contact them.
  • ayleeaylee member
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    I forgot to tell you about prices.  I have a comparison on my blog at http://www.ayleebits.com/2010/01/26/looking-for-a-florist/.
  • MrkyrainMrkyrain member
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    I used Toni Chandler last year and I can not suggest her enough.  She will work with your budget and her work is beautiful.  I don't remember the exact cost of each boquet and table but I would say my flower budget was probably just under 10% of my total wedding cost.
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    Thanks for all the info ladies!  I thought I had read the 10% thing before but I wasn't sure.  I am hoping to find someone who will let me supply some things, and I won't need some items like corsages/bouts (DIY projects) or flower girl stuff and I only have 3 bridesmaids, etc., so hopefully that helps, because 10% would be great!  I think my priorities are the centerpeices and the bouquets. 
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