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How long is long enough?

I'm going crazy trying to make a decision about processional music. The original plan we had didn't work out, now the wedding is 4 weeks away and I don't have a processional picked or a pianist. I'm hoping to go with a recorded song, but I don't know if it's long enough and I don't want to deal with the sound guys juggling mp3s and cds. I have 3 songs picked to select from. All of them are between 3.5 and 4 minutes long.

Our processional is as follows:
Mothers walk in to put sand containers on table
3 sets of attendents walk in
My father and I walk in

The aisle isn't long. It takes about 25 secs to get from the door to the stage.

Do you think those songs will be long enough??

Re: How long is long enough?

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    I think that's long enough. If walking (at a speed appropriate for the music) is really only 25 seconds then you need at least 3 minutes for five groups of people to go down - assuming you want a pause between each group and then a longer pause before you and your father enter.

    What you might try is grab five people and go to the ceremony site soon and try it out with an MP3 player and see where you are a the end of the processional. Maybe even time it and then find a song that fits that time. If you're set on the songs, just find points in the song when you want people to start going down the aisle (like a certain verse) and inform each group of their point. Can't figure out the HTML stuff ^^ That's my bio!
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