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nervous to meet with reverend? normal??

Hi all, my fiance (who isn't very religious) and I are going to meet with my childhood reverend (she gave me my first communion and confirmation) in a few weeks, and I'm REALLY nervous about it. She knew my parents well, and saw our family go through their messy, long and painful divorce. She knows my grandfather, and her church has my grandmother's plot in the cemetery--so she is well-engrained into my family.

I'm nervous because my parents' divorce has always weighed heavily on me--I love my fiance more than anything, and i know he loves me, but because I've seen divorce firsthand, I wonder "did my parents know their fate when they got married?" "what if it is hereditary" (no lie). I'm freaked out to meet with Deborah because I don't want her to question marrying us! I think I must have some crazy cold feet/commitment issues, I just don't want this to ruin everything!

Advice? normal? not normal? what can i do????
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