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Flower girl that doesnt drop flowers?

Our church charges a small fee (25$) for the use of flower petals in the sanctuary of the church because of the mess they make. I thought about using a runner as well but i don't want them collecting in my dress and staining the bottom of it. So I'm trying to think of another job for my flower girl (my almost 4 yr old niece). I have a few ideas but wanted to get your opinions on these.

1.) I was thinking of having her and my nephew (5 yr old ring bearer) walk down together with just a potted plant in her basket instead of petals.

2.) Having a basket of stemmed flowers and she can just go down the aisle and give them to a few people along the way.

3.) Have a mini bouquet made up for her to walk down with to give to our minister.

What do you all think?? any opinions on my ideas? or have ideas your willing to share? Much Appreciated!
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Re: Flower girl that doesnt drop flowers?

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    My flower girl carried a flower ball in both hands down the aisle. She didn't throw anything.
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  • I am also at a venue that will not allow the flower petals to be dropped. As the PP said about the flower ball, that is what I am doing with my flower girls. But I do love your idea about handing single stemed flowers to random people, your #2 idea. 
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  • Mine are carrying flower wands with ribbons attached- they're a cute keepsake for after the wedding as well! 
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  • Our FGs walked with pomander balls, they did not drop/throw anything.

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  • Our flower girls carried mini bouquets.   You could also have the two children carry a banner saying Here Comes the Bride. 
  • My flowergirl is carrying something similar to the bridesmaids (except hers is fake and green instead of white and real). I didnt want to have to worry about petals or about her pulling a real flower apart (hey she's 5! Anything can happen!). I made hers from flowers and ribbon from micheals and just glue-gunned it all together.

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  • Here is a picture:

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  • My "flower girl" is actually going to be a bell ringer.  She will walk down the aisle ringing a bell saying "the bride is coming, the bride is coming"

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  • because of the person having to go back and pick them all up after being strewn around by my dress. (all around the pew legs and such) i do like the idea of the pomander balls.

     My neice is VERY shy but VERY outgoing all at the same time. Since her parents taught her not to talk to strangers, that even when she comes over here if a friend of mine stops by she will NOT say one word to them until i explain who they are and then she will say hi, and then like 10 minutes after being in a room with them she will walk up to them and say "See look at my shirt its pretty, im so bootiful!" She is a riot lol.  So im thinking she wont like the idea of giving random people flowers or maybe not even the minister. So im thinking my first idea, a little bouquet of her own, or a pomander ball might be the way to go... they just wont be giving it to her until right before the ceremony lol.
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  • Way back when I was itty bitty I was a flower girl in a wedding where I wasn't allowed to drop flower petals.  They had me still carry a basket with petals and some real flowers in it.  They apparently had wanted me to hand out flowers to some people on my way down the aisle, but I was so shy and scared to walk down anyway that they scrapped that because them suggesting it made me burst into tears!
  • I vote for her carrying a pomander ball, small bouquet or basket of fake flower petals.
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  • I was going to suggest the bell, I've heard of that before and thought it was great!  I wonder about if fake petals would be okay, too, as long as you get them all up afterwards.  They wouldn't stain your dress, either.
  • Our flower girls are going to carry a sign that says here comes the bride. On the back it will say "...and they lived happily ever after"

    Here's the one we bought:
  • My flower girl was 3 weeks old ;)  She wore a giant flower attached to a stretchy headband and was carried down the aisle by her 10-year-old sister (Jr. bridesmaid).  It was adorable!  And her name is Poppy :)
  • We're like PP's and doing a Pom ball for each flower girl (2) - I made them and added a ribbon for them to hold them by.  
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  • My flower girl (who will be 4) is walking the down the aisle with FI's 5 year old cousin who is ringbearer. They will be escorted by FI's 10 year old cousin who wanted a job in the wedding. The flower girl will be carrying a basket of fake flowers that I made for her.
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  • Give her a small bouquet... it will make her feel like one of the "big girls" or have her carry a kissing ball.  Not so sure I would do a potted plant... if she would accidentally drop it, you would have dirt everywhere!  Or, if you like the idea of having her throw something... you could always go with silk petals.
  • When my FI and I were considering asking his 2-year-old niece to be in the wedding I came up with the idea of a "fairy girl" for her instead of a flower girl. I was concerned she would get upset or scared at facing all these unfamiliar people and just run down the aisle, possibly even dropping the basket of flowers. I was going to make a wand in our wedding colors and covered in glitter, with ribboned bows, etc. that she could carry, that way she could keep it and I didn't have to worry if she got scared (a wand is much easier to pick up than a basket of strewn flower petals!). I'm not sure how your pastor would feel about that idea, but maybe you could do something similar? Maybe with a different name if the fairy part is too secular for your church. Good Luck!
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    Our FG is my MOH's 2 year old daughter.  Since we don't know how she'll feel on the day of (shy or ready to go) I'm making fabric roses in our colors that she can pass out as well as some petals if she decides she'd rather drop them.  It's possible she may just she may just walk/run down the aisle without doing any of those.  I figure that she'll look adorable regardless and that's what everyone will remember.  The pomander ball idea sounds cute, but I would worry that our FG would swing it and it would go flying towards the guests and I would be laughing all the way down the aisle (that might not be a bad idea though).  I'm sure whatever you go with will be amazing!

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