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Classic Bridal Cheektowaga

Hello brides!I'm wondering if anyone can post a review of their experience at Classic Bridal in Cheektowaga.

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    I hate to trash talk a vendor-but I did not have a good experience there. Went last week and the woman left me alone in a room and told me to just find dresses I like, didnt help me find any. When I mentioned a friend had sent me there-she showed me the dress the girl had ordered-which I hope wasnt a secret! At one point she refrenced a dress but couldnt find the sample so she went to the back and got a brides dress that was already purchased-took it out and showed it to us!    Also several inappropriate comments were made-for example when I mentioned I wanted a cathedral veil with cystals she said she hoped I was rich and also made a comment about me having to be a virgin to wear a blusher in front of my 11 yr old cousin. We were really disappointed! We loved Bridal Chateu(ordered dress there) and Bridals by D (higher end dresses but awesome-ask for Betty!)
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    I had a great experience with Classic Bridal! They had a ton of dresses, their prices were decent and I thought the customer service was excellent! I guess it depends on who you have helping you out.
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