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Fairy Tale Wedding theme and Picture location

I have two questions....

I want a fairy tale themed wedding, can anyone give me ideas on what they had at their wedding.
For centerpieces I wanted each table to be a different fairy tale and instead of table numbers they would find their table by the fairy tale but there is not enough fairy tales for 14 tables and I do not want it to look childish.... can anyone give me some advise on this one??

Also, I live in Buffalo, NY does anyone know of good places downtown or outdoors to take pictures??

Thank you,
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Re: Fairy Tale Wedding theme and Picture location

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    Here are a few things I found just by searching google:

    (For centerpieces)


    Hope that helps!
  • MrsRoy07MrsRoy07
    edited December 2011
    As far as photo locations, how do you feel about the Botanical Gardens? Personally I think it looks a lot like the Crystal Palace in Disney World. :) If you're looking for more a "castle" vibe, I'd look into some of the mansions downtown that allow ppl to come take photos there. I think you can get permission to take photos at the Mansion on Delaware, which has sort of a victorian feel to it. Depending on the season of your wedding, the Rose Garden at Delaware Park would be a pretty, fairy-tale setting for outdoor photos.
    As for your table numbers, I love the idea of using fairy tales instead of numbers! I understand you're not wanting to seem childish, so I'd stay away from solely Disney films. Think about more old-fashioned (but still well-known) fairy-tales. I googled a few things and here's what I found:
    The Princess and the Pea
    Twelve Dancing Princesses
    Beauty and the Beast
    Sleeping Beauty
    Snow White
    The Frog Princess
    Those are ones that are more "romantic" with princesses and love stories and all that. If you need more, I'd branch out to stories like Hanzel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.
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