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To sit or not to sit?

 I am having a very short wedding ceremony. I'm thinking less then 5 minutes. And my one question is should I even worry about putting chairs out? Or should I just have my friends and family stand, surrounding us while we say "I Do"? That or, I could put some chairs out and have the others stand behind those who are seated? I don't know what to do, I am stuck...
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Re: To sit or not to sit?

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    Please provide chairs for everyone who will be attending your ceremony.

    Your guests will probably arrive 15-20 minutes early, last 5-10 minutes, then guests will stand around for a few more minutes.  All told, they could be standing for 45-60 minutes, even for a very short ceremony.  There are a lot of people who just cannot stand for that long, let alone in nice clothes and fancy shoes.

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    Ditto everything PP said. Every guest should have a chair no matter how short the ceremony. Many people cannot stand, even for 20 or so minutes, due to health issues or what not; plus, even though I'm perfectly healthy, I don't really want to stand around in heels, while holding a clutch and possibly a wrap for 20-30 min or more.

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    Five minutes for a wedding?  Very short!
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    A chair for every butt, every time. No excuses.

    Anything less than that is rude as all hell.

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    Be kind, provide chairs.
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    Ditto the others.  Please provide seating.   I'm not a tall person and forcing me to stand isn't just inconvenient.   It means that it's pointless for me to even be there since I can't see.
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    Definitely provide chairs. Always. 

    My brother didn't have chairs for each guest---I had one because I was "immediate family" but my husband got stuck standing with everyone else. I felt so awkward about being one of the only ones sitting...I'll never forget it.
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