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Roles for kids in ceremony??

Help! I'm a nanny to three little girls (9, 6, 4) and of course they all want to be the flower girl. I think 3 flower girls might be extreme! I've promised them they will all be involved in the wedding somehow .... But now I'm tryin to figure out what roles I can give them. Any ideas??
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Re: Roles for kids in ceremony??

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    Just make them all flower girls.  Years ago a friend had my two girls plus a another friend's daughter as flower girls and then three boys, a pair of brothers and the second friend's son as their escorts.  The six kids were really cute and once they walked down the aisle they just sat with their respective parents.
  • Make them all flowers girls. You don't want arguments over which job is better.
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  • I also vote make them all FGs.

    Would you consider a 'here comes the bride' banner?  Maybe 2 can hold the banner and the other one walk in front of them.
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  • Just have all three be FGs.   It's really common to have multiple flower girls; the whole "kids not being rational" thing sort of requires doing what you gotta do to avoid hurting their feelings.
  • I Agree if you have promised them all they can be part of the wedding, then give them all the same role. 3 Flower girls will be fine (Are you also having a ringbearer? I might leave that out if you already have 3 girls if you dont want it feeling like tons of children, otherwise maybe they can walk 2 girls and then the 3rd girl with the ringbearer)

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  • I have seen as many as 5 flower girls (which may have been a bit much, but to each his own).  I agree with Hobokenbride, you don't want them argueing over whose role is "bigger"
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  • I am going to piggy back on this as well. I have a niece, and then 2 little cousins that I all want as my flower girl. Then we have 3 boy cousins as well. We are going to have 1 of them be like a Jr. groomsmen, because he is older than the rest, but the others we want as ring bearers. Is that too much?? We BOTH love kids and love to be around them. So it makes since that we have all of these people involved
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  • kendalldavis - If that's what you want to do than go for it! We'll probably have 5 kids in our wedding. No one is going to say..."Oh my goodness they have SIX kids in their wedding. They love children way too much!" And if they do than that's their problem. We love the kiddies in our life and we want them in our wedding! 
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  • my FI has three little neices and they are all going to be in the wedding.  two are the same age and are going to be flower girls, and the younger one will be the ring bearer.
  • Make them all fg. No playing favorites.
  • thatjessie, who said anything about playing favorites???  That was weird.  LOL

    Yeah I was thinking that three flower girls would be excessive so I was trying to think of different roles they could perform.  As Hoboken wisely said, I don't want them fighting over who "got the better job" (which I could totally see happening!).  Three flower girls it is!

    Of course, this means their parents' will be having to purchase not one, but THREE dresses for the ceremony!  That could add up pretty fast.  Perhaps I should offer to help out with the cost??
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    I have one flower girl my 6 yr old soon to be niece, 1 ring bearer (my 3 yr old soon to be nephew) and 6 "program attendants" my other two future nieces ages 4 and all four of my cousins little girls all between the ages of 4-6. The little program attendants all got new dresses and have bracelets with flowers and ribbons on them. They have no idea that their role is any "less important" than the flower girl.
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  • 2 flower girls and a junior bridesmaid 4 the 9 yr old
  • Oh! Tara, I didn't even think about a junior bridesmaid.  That's kind of cool.  Might consider that as an option...but I'm worried it would cause too much fighting...and the last thing I want to deal with is three disgruntled kidlets at our wedding.  LOL
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  • I agree that 3 flower girls would be adorable! As for the dresses- we were able to save a great deal by ordering outfits from an Easter dress site and a uniforms site for the boys. We are having a simple outdoor ceremony, so simple attire was perfect- no tuxes for these little tikes. It certainly would depend on what kind of style you're going for.
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  • I think 3 flower girls would be very cute !!
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  • Three FG is prefectly fine.  Its your wedding and you and FI get to pick who you want in the wedding party to share that day with you.

    Im have 3 FG (my godchild, his godchild and niece) and 2 Ringbearers (my cousin and his cousin)  they are all between 2-3 years old so this is going to be interesting but we love them and couldnt see not having them in the wedding.

    As for attire - shop online there are plenty of sites that have dresses for less than $100.  Im paying for my girls attire (I got the dresses at target for $15!! and a beaded sash to match my dress).  Just google flower girl dresses and the options are endless.
  • I have a question about this as well; my fiance has three nieces, two nephews, and I myself have two sisters.  My one sister is going to be 15 when the wedding roles around, and my younger sister will be 11.  I was going to make the younger a flower girl, and the older is one of my bridesmaids, but I know that my fiance's family will be upset if his younger family members aren't included somehow!  I love his family and want to include them; should I make my younger sister a junior bridesmaid and have his neices be flowergirls?  But then where would I put his two nephews.  His two nephews are ages 2 and 7, and his neices are ages like 5, 8, and 10.

    Or would it be less drama if I just kept it the way I originally planned?  (IE My MOH and best friend and sister as bridesmaids, and the younger sister as a flowergirl?)  If I seem messed up... it's because I am.  x.x;
  • My fiance and I have a TON of nieces and nephews (each being the youngest of 4 children in our families) and we couldn't say no to any of them. The oldest three (ages 10-15) will have simple jobs like guest book table. The youngest 8- Yes, 8! Are the FG/RB!! We will have 5 FGs and 3 RBs. How we are doing it is one boy and girl (age 5 and 4) are going together first carrying the ring and the flower basket followed by three girls with flowers and two boys with spades (for our tree ceremony- ages 5,4,3). Last but not least the oldest in this age group- my niece who insisted she be a FG (and is 8!). We offered to let her carry the "Here comes the bride" sign instead since she has been a FG and should give the littler ones a chance. She happily agreed :) Our exiting song after the ceremony is "Oh Happy Day," and she will also be carrying a sign with the same saying back down the aisle. It may seem like a lot of kids but they are each important and we just didn't think it was fair to leave anyone out. If they're happy- I'm happy :)
  • I have 2 girls, one is 7 and one is 4. The 7yr old i am having walk down the aisle in front of her sister. She will then present flowers to both moms. Then the little flower girl. So both are technically flower girls, one just has a more important role!
  • I love kids, but I hate kid wrangling.  It's up to you what you do with them, but here are some actual other roles- put one in charge of the guest book, who can resist an adorable child asking you to sign the guestbook?   You can have one of them handing out placecards when people arrive, like a check in registration person.  It adds a nice touch and they will feel important.
    I think if you have kids in different roles, you can acknowledge them in your speech so they all feel special and you can even do a special little dance with the three of them so that they get some public recognition.
    But, you can just as easily make them all flower girls!Laughing
  • Jodi...speech??!!  WHAT?!  I have to give a speech.  Oh man, I guess so.  It never even occured to me. 
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  • I have my 3 nieces as FGs, 7,6 and 2; In France they actually have a little cortege with 5-7 kids escorting the bride and holding her train.  I wanted to do that until I visualized my nephew tugging it lol....  Per the cost, my sister bought them beautiful white dresses with pearls on them from Penneys on sale for $30 apiece, and I liked them better than anything I'd seen on the bridal sites.  

  • Our daughter will be two next summer when we get married, so I'm going to make her a miniature bride in a white dress.  I figured it's her parents' wedding, so I really want her to stand out!  Then we will have a FG, a junior bridesmaid and two RBs.  The FG and junior bridesmaid will have dresses in the same color as the adult bridesmaids.

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