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"dollar dance"

A friend of my daughter suggested this during the reception, the DJ announces the honeymoon plans and asks if anyone would like to help financially with it by paying to dance with the couple. Her Dad and I think it is less a than appropriate idea. Are we out of touch with today's traditions?! Another friend did a "steal the bride" thing where the groomsmen took her from the reception and guests had to pay for her return. Any thoughts?

Re: "dollar dance"

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    usually its tradition to do a dollar dance, but that dosent mean u have to. Its just a fun way for everyone to dance with the bride and groom, the money is just for the brides and groom to go towards whatever. They can use it for the honeymoon or just for them. But like i said. If thats not your thing. noone says tradition is set in stone!!!!! hope this helps you:)
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    I don't like the idea of the dollar dance, but thats just my opinion.  I went to a wedding that had the dollar dance where I didn't know the groom and it was soooo uncomfortable to do for both my fiance and I because he didn't really know the bride. 
  • garcias1garcias1 member
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    Generally speaking, I would say you should avoid asking for money from guests while at the wedding.  It's likely that they already purchased a gift and spent money on travel, attire, and hotel rooms.  That said, if this is a common occurence in your circle, relgion, or culture, then you might be able to get away with it.  But since you seem uncomfortable with the idea, then I would say you already have your answer.
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    Anytime I've ever attended a wedding with a dollar dance I thought it was a little rude and I did not participate.  I just grew up thinking that it is poor etiquette to ask for money/gifts in any situation.  And I agree with garcias about the fact that the guests will have already spent money to get to the wedding and on the wedding gifts.  She will probably receive money as a gift so she should put that toward the honeymoon costs.
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    I dislike the dollar dance, or hyjacking the bride - any of that nonsense!  i agree w/those above that posted people had already paid to get there, some spending money for hotels and food to be there, and most have already purchased gifts or put money in an envelope. I think it's tacky and rude, and it won't be happening at my daughter's wedding!!!
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    we did the dollar dance and it was the BEST part of the wedding you got to see people you wouldnt get a chance to talk to normally bc we were so busy! but i dont know why on earth you would say you "would want help for the honeymoon"?? thats not really what its for... its just a spot where we can get to speak and say thank you for comming! dont have him say the helping with money thing.. that makes it tacky, and its not spose to be
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    I completely agree with Slim23. It's not supposed to be tacky, it's supposed to be fun, and the bride and groom get to chat with a lot of people they may not have had time to earlier on since they are usually so busy. The people who do not want to participate don't need to and I'm sure everyone is mature enough to realize they aren't required to. If you don't want to have it at your wedding that's fine because its YOUR WEDDING! :) Every wedding in my family has had the dollar dance, because it's fun, it's a great time for pictures, each dance only lasts a minute and it's only a dollar! I've never heard a DJ announce it like that though. Everyone knows what the dollar dance is, he doesn't need to add anything to it. If you do choose to have it, just have him announce that it's time for the Dollar Dance, and for everyone who wants to dance with the Bride and Groom to form a line. That's it! :)
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