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Wedding Floral Budget

Hello everyone! My fiance and I are getting married 8/14/2010 in Central Pa!  I am slowly planning. What is the average budget for flowers? Nothing too extravagant.

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    Depends on your total budget; I think the Knot allocates 3% of your overall budget to flowers.

    Sink your decor budget into the places where people will spend more time, so your heavily trafficked areas of the reception.  There are lots of non-floral decor options you can look into.  Grocery store florists are going to be cheaper than an independent florist.
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    Try your local board because they will be able to give you a better idea of costs in your area.  For me, 10 centerpieces, 5 boutineres, 4 bouquets, 3 corsages, and 6 pieces for ceremont decor ( all calla lillies) was $1200.
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    Your local board will be able to give you an idea of what flowers typically cost in your area.  In my area in Indiana, it's usually around $1,000 just depending on what all you get.  For us, flowers weren't that important so we saved money by using a grocery store florist.  We only paid about $400 for our flowers, which included some floral centerpieces as well.

    The key is to figure out what things you want to spend money on and what things don't really matter to you and then adjust your budget accordingly.  For us, we wanted the food to be excellent and an open bar, so that's where the bulk of our budget was spent.  We didn't care so much about flowers or photography so we saved money there.  I know other brides who thought the photographer and flowers were the most important so they spent a lot on those.  It's really up to what you and your FI want.
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    make your own corsages and boutonnierers and bouquets...VERYYY easy search it on I plan on having my bridesmaids help me the night before. Get roses at walmart where there $10 a dozen!
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    Definately check your local boards since its way different per area. My budget is for $500 and we are using a grocery florist as it is a lot cheaper then an independent florist as someone indicated above. Im pretty certain we will be coming in at around $400 though.
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