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Vendor info on Exceptional Receptions- Jimmie Malone

Can anyone give me some personal experiences on this vendor? I am looking to rent a photobooth from him to use in the Albany area. He seems a little too good to be true so I am trying to get some help. Thanks

Re: Vendor info on Exceptional Receptions- Jimmie Malone

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    I used him last summer for my photobooth. I really liked the setup, it's small and someone came to run the booth. I will warn you, the quality is a little lower than some other booths, but no one complained. I can show you some of my pictures if you want to email me. [email protected]
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    Jimmie was booked solid for our Sept. 09 date, but I can tell you that I found him extrememly personable and helpful at all of the wedding shows that we spoke to him at.  I think he's a true professional. The thing I did like about his photobooth was that there was a copy for your book, and a copy for your guests. We had a booth at our reception that did not have the copies.  My mom rented it to surprise us and thought that was the case. Just be sure you know exactly what you are getting if you have to go with someone else.

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