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Hi Girls,

I have been looking for someone to do my cake for my wedding in Auburn (at Emerson Park) in September. I'm not looking for anything too fancy and was trying to stay under the $500 mark. If you know anyone who makes wedding cakes as a side business or just for a reasonable price please let me know!


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    Here are the bakeries I was going to contact about making our rehersal dinner cake.  I have not contacted them in regards to pricing so I can't help you with that but at least this is a starting point.

    Biscotti Cafe--Syracuse
    She Takes the Cake--Manlius
    Much Ado About Cake--Syracuse
    Sweet Endings Bakeshop--Jamesville

    Good luck! 
    Keep us updated on what you find out : )
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    I am using Daniele  Tanton out of liverpool.  Her cakes taste delicious (just had a tasting this week), she is super nice and she is an incredible artist.  Plus, her cakes ar very well priced (generally 2.50 per serving, though extra if you want certain things).  I had heard of her through a friend who used her at her wedding.  She can make or design pretty much anything and delivers to your venue.  Her email is

    [email protected]

    Her website /blog is

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    I would check out Bella Bakery in Bville.... my cake was small - only two tiers, but we also had 130 cupcakes as well... the total was only about $250! and the cake and cupcakes were delicious!
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    When I checked at Bellas, and biscottis they were all around $700 so I will keep looking. But thanks girls.
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    Hi!  We are using Patisserie in Skaneatles--the guy there (Michael, I believe) will work with you and do fake layers (which are UNDETECTABLE--I didn't know my friends had them until he told me) to help with cost and they can do sheet cakes in the back to help too.  They have the BEST cakes too :)  good luck!
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