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Uneven Wedding party?

I am  having a problem with the wedding party.  In the beginning the groom and I were okay with having 3 maids and 3 men, all family. But now he wants to add possibly 2 more men.  I am not sure on whether or not to just have the men enter from the side with the groom, or have the MOH walk by herself and two men with each girl?  Groom isnt happy with either idea.  He wants me to add two maids, but I do not have anyone worth adding.  :)  Any suggestions??

Re: Uneven Wedding party?

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    We have 2 BM and 4 GM.  I think we'll just have 2 guys per girl walking down the aisle.  The girls will feel super special then :)
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    We're having 4 BM and  3 GM. The GMs will walk in with our three moms and the 3 GM will walk in alone. Each GM will walk out with a BM and the 4th BM will be escorted out by our officiant (a friend of FI). It will be a little different and wonderful!
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