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Widowed MOB & Processional & no Attendants

We are having a simple ceremony with no attendants. My mother is a widow, while both of his parents are still living. We're doing the unity candle ceremony so the mom's will need to walk down and light the tapers. Not sure how to make this work.  I've read where ushers or groomsman will walk the mom's down, but I'm not having any of that.  I'm probably making this feel more awkward than it is, but just trying to get a feel if other's have had this and what they did or suggestions. 

Re: Widowed MOB & Processional & no Attendants

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    I think it would be ok for the moms just to walk in together without an escort
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    I'd first ask her what she prefers to do.  If this is a small intimate ceremony with a short aisle, she may not mind walking by herself.  If she wants an escort, ask her for male relative or friend possibilities. 

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    I've never seen the mom's be escorted to light unity candles. I've only see either the moms walk one at a time by themselves or (more typically) they walk together.
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