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Hourglass sand ceremony

DF and I would like to do a sand ceremony or the like. I really like the idea of the hourglass sand ceremony (as seen here: However, I would like to find an hourglass that is more modern looking. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Anything I've found looks too conservative or is just a regular hourglass - not something you can fill and then close. TIA

Re: Hourglass sand ceremony

  • My fiance and I are doing an hour glass as well; he's been researching them online and found about 6 different sites (I don't have them with me though).  I would just go through Google and/or Bing and keep looking.  Ones he did show me were lovely with wood frames and customized tops.  You might also try local shops, check w/your local Chamber as well.  Good luck!
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