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What do you guys think... bride and groom dismissing everyone row by row, or receiving line at the exit?  (I was kind of leaning towards a receiving line with just me, DH, MOB, FOB, MIL, FIL.)  Just want some feedback and thoughts :)
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Re: Ceremony Dismissal...

  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    I've never seen the bride and groom dismissing the guests row by row, its seems like a very strange option. I think a receiving line is a much better plan. Also I agree with you that the receiving line should be just you, your FI, and the parents.

  • I think it would be kinda hard to dismiss row by row and would take longer. 
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  • I've seen the dismissal row by row at several weddings, and it is actually what we are planning to do. I suppose it may depend on the size of your wedding, but either way a recieving line would take just as long, if not longer.

    We think it's a good way to at least say a quick hi to the guests before the reception, and don't have to deal with the awkwardness of a recieving line (for both the guests expected to say hello to a random parent they've never met and for the people chosen to be in the recieving line)

    But you'll have to decide based on what works for your guests and the style of your wedding.
  • I would go with the receiving line that way people can go through the line if they would like but they also don't have too. It also allows you to spend a few extra seconds per guest because people aren't waiting to run to the bathroom. They can run to the bathroom first and still not miss their chance to see the bride and groom. I personally like the ide of having the parents as part of the line and we will probably ask our wedding party to be on hand just not really in the line . . that way people can say hi if they like. Our church has a very large outer waiting area which will work perfectly for that.
  • I like the receiving line also. I plan on doing that with me, FI, and our kids.
  • JRSondayJRSonday member
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    We're doing neither. The ushers are dismissing. We're bolting to the back and hiding. We're going to do "hellos" at the reception.

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  • Both suck.
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  • I've seen the dismissal row by row option quite a few times at weddings recently and love it compared to the traditional receiving line.  I'm definitely planning on using this method.  Parents can still say greet the guests as they exit - but everyone is not forced to say hi to all parents/others involved. 
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  • I hate the row by row thing. Not only are you held hostage until the bride and groom make it to your row, but the entire back of the church watches you greet the couple since you're the only one standing and there's nothing else to watch.

    Do a recieving line so people can bypass it if they choose. Stop by each table at the reception during dinner/cake to make sure you have a chance to chat with all of the guests if you're worried about it.

  • I have never seen/heard of the row-by-row dismissal ... hmm, I learn something new everyday!  I am not a receiving line bride, either.  SO ... I say go with the choice that makes you and your fiance feel best.

    Have fun!
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